Poodles of the Year 2008 - Norway

Dwarf poodle
NOCH Executive Effect To Ankaru
Black dwarf male
Top dwarf 1 in Norway
Breeder: Jonna Kari, Finland
 Owner: Anna Karin Helleberg, Norway
Miniature poodle
NordJW'07 JWW'08 NOW'08
Bazaar´s Easy Does It
Brown miniature female
Top miniature 1 in Norway
Breeder and owner: Anne Myhrbraaten, Noway
Standard poodle
DKCH Ankaru's Crack The Code
Black standard male
Top standard 1 in Norway
Breeder: Anne Karin Helleberg, Noway
  Owners: Anne Karin Helleberg/Michelle du Plessis
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