LP1 Lp2
Eugenios European Doll



Black toy female
Born: August 10th 2003
27,5 cm
HD: A     AD: Normal     Pat.lux: 0/0   prcd-PRA: Normal/Clear

"Myran" passed the MH (Swedish Mentaltest) on August 15th 2009 with 1 on gunshot.
She was a very brave little dog without any fears!


DKK Breed Winner´02 Berlin Winner´02 EuroWinner´02 Haggai Sleep to Dream

Dam: Eugenios Rosa Bonheur

Breeder: Tone Bekkasen Fischer, Kennel Eugenios, Norway

Kennel A Million Voices
Petra Östlundh, Sweden
E-mail: petra_ostlundh@hotmail.com
February 21st 2008
"LP2 Eugenios European Doll "Myran" in action!
Today we got a call from a landowner who wanted help to find an injured deer wich had been hit by a car. It had run off in to the forest, and they needed a bloodtracking dog to locate it. My toypoodle "Myran" is a great trackingdog, she did a fantastic job and she found the dead deer after 300m of tracking"
"Myran" is an extradinary and clever obedience poodle.
"Myra" has advanced from Obedience Class 2 to 3 with her new title LP2 obtained with 3 x 1.price
in Class 2: 174,5 points, 170 points and 162 points. She won bronze after  the 2 days obedience tests at
the Poodle SM Obedience in September 2007 (Swedish Mastership in obediecne for poodles, all sizes)
This picture was taken when "Myran" won the big obedience test in Munkfors in October 2007
October 23rd 2006 "Myran" went from Obedience Class 1 to 2
with 184 points (out of 200). in competition she went first
out of 9 dogs. Now Myran and Petra aim to finish Class 2 this
year and finish the Obedience Champion title in 2007
Good luck to both of you!
Show result in Norway:
Second in the Youth Class at Norwegian Winner Show 2004

Show results in Sweden:
1st with honour on an international show
Honour, BOB and BIS 4 at the SPK open show in May 2004

"Myran" and baby sister "Tango" (Eugenios Hot Tango)
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