DNA Testing for osteochondrodysplasia


DNA Testing available for miniature poodle osteochondrodysplasia (OC)
(under FCI: dwarf poodles)

Dr. Mark Neff and his team of the Program for Canine Health and Performance, recently identified the mutation for Miniature Poodle osteochondrodysplasia.

This inherited recessive disorder is commonly referred to as 'dwarf' dogs in the USA, but involves much more than short stature - in addition to stunted growth, affected dogs often exhibit misshapen limbs and abnormal structure and movement. 

The findings for this study are reported in the journal PLoS ONE and can be downloaded at no cost at the PLoS journal site:


In an effort to give back to the Poodle community whom enabled this work by generously contributing DNA samples and expertise -- the Neff lab has supported testing with the new charitable organization: projectDOG

ProjectDog supports this philosophy --  DNA testing should be fast, high-quality, affordable and easily accessible.  Research supported by owners and breeders should benefit the same owners and breeders -- and continue to be applied to the development of new tests for better canine health. 

For a trial period, projectDOG is offering non-profit DNA testing.  A voluntary nominal donation is being requested for cover the cost of testing and any additional donations are directly applied to canine health research. The more dogs tested, the more researches are informed on this disorder and similar disease.  

Show your support of affordable, easy access DNA testing and contribute to continuing genetic research for Poodles -- we invite you to visit projectDOG now to have your dog tested...

Please visit the projectDOG website and choose non-profit DNA testing for the Miniature Poodle test. 


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