Bruni Omne Trinum Perfectum

Red standard female
Born: February 27th 2010

Breeder and owner:
Kennel Omne Trinum Perfectum

A.  Kulyk

 Cracow, Poland

 Phone: +48 508 31 41 90



INTCH CH-JCH HUCH LUCH CHCH ITCH ATCH br>Piccadilly's Star Performer NLCH Near Nadir From The Silent Lake Kachak le Papillion
Lanuryah Lady From The Silent Lake
Golden Askia von Briwehbu Nesnah's Sweet Surprise
Piccadilly's Florida Gold
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Marechal The Real McCoy
INTCH RUCH UACH Canmoy's Calendar Girl
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Joiner's Quality Dibetou Didier
INTCH RUCH  Sensatsia Iz Volzhskoy Serenady
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