Solnes Witch Doctor



Brown dwarf male
Born: February 12th 2002

Breeder: Solveig Nss, Kennel Solnes

Christine Bye-Pedersen, Bergen, Norway

"Muskat" gained his CCs for the Norwegian championship at theese shows:
NPK Bergen March 23rd 2003. Judge: Svein Helgesen
Nordhordaland Hundeklun, Manger March 29-30th 2003. Judge: Moa Persson
BSBK, Bergen, October 11-12th 2003. Judge Dr. Peper Wilfred
Fitjar and Stord Hundeklub, Stord, November 8-9th 2003. Judge: Lisbeth Campbell
Oelen, Etne and Vindafjord Hundeklub, Oelen, February 14-15th 2004. Judge: Laurent Pichard
NKK, Boe in Telemark, February 20-21st 2004. Judge: Nina Karlsdotter
Muskat and his "brother" Casper (Black Basic Kiss Me Now)
have become "big brothers" and they are very proud of it.
On October 29th Christine gave birth to this wonderful little boy.
He is named Mathias Aleksander and isnt he cute???
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