From Gabriele and Kennel Little Solitaire, Germany


From Alexandra and Länsmansgarden´s Poodles, Sweden


From Lisbeth and her 3 beautiful boys, Denmark


From Eva and the brown Forever-Virgis standards
 in Slovakie


From Mona er "fireballs" at the Dreams in Red
Kennel in Sweden


From Ludmila and Jarek Kulička and the
Diamantové oko poodles in the Czech Republic


From Vlasta and the White and Black Poodles
 in the Czech Republic


From Yvonne, Viggo, Lasse and Sico in Sweden


From Zuzana and her Poodle Family in Slovakia


From Satu and her two boys Filou and Yanic
in Finland


From Lena and the Notify Poodles, Sweden


From Krisztina and her old poodles from Hungary


From Ekaterina Koneva & Kennel "Iz Sozvezdiya Devy", Russia


From Petra and the Earl's Legend poodles,
Czech Republic


From Ann-Mari, Markku and the Greyfun´s poodles
in Finland


From Virve and the Ebonyhill´s Poodles
in Finland


From Eva, Connor and Sammy in Slovakia


From Monica and the A'monibe´s Poodles
in Sweden


From Michael, Ole and "The Furlizards" at
Kennel Lykkehuset in Denmark


From Ritva and the Chanzonet poodles
in Finland

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