Poodles in the winter Wonderland



Brown toy baby girl
f Loveley Children Cool Winning Babe




Poodles in the
Vitosha mountain near Sofia, Bulgaria
The happy poodles are
Canmoy's Radiant,Samarcanda Something Special For Jasenak,
Jasenak Masai Mara, Jasenak Manu Negra



Romy Choco Poodles
enjoying the Czech winter


4 months old puppy enjoying the winter at Samarcanda Kennels


Carmenīs happy winter poodles
at Kennel of Loveley Children in


Janett's apricot winter-poodles at Kennel
Kennel: Esculap Surprime in Germany


Winter poodles .... and a borzoj at Kennel Earlīs legend in the Czech Republic



Two Swedish boys (Fantasy and Dream)
enjoy the firstDanish snow this year
There is nothing like a good old-fashioned


Kennel Ytaner-puppies for the first time in the Winter Wonderland of the Czech Republic


Grado, Scully and the rest
of the gang at Kennel
Just Radiant, Bulgaria