From Diva, My, Fergie, Saxo, Trille, Simone, Alfie, Pippi, Oscar, Carla, Mimi, Timmy, Liza, Venus, Ole & Michael in Denmark

From Kennel From White Sensation in Germany
From dear Marion, Heather and the Timari Poodles in USA
From Maggie and the Maples Poodles in Finland
From Alexandra & Länsmansgaardens Poodles in Sweden
From Gerty and Marieke at Gemarsandi Poodles
in the Netherlands
From Gyula and the Silver Joker Poodles in Hungary
From Fenja, Emil, Omni, Taija, Tiina and Anne in Finland
From Kennel´s Info in Czech Republic
From Hegyi at the Rózsahegyi kennel in Hungary
From Kennel Iz Sozvezdiya Devy in Russia 
From Kennel Starlook in France 
From Valeria and Indi in the Netherlands 
From Jitka and the Very Merry Poodles in Czech Republic
From Vlasta and the Black & White Poodles in Czech Rep.
From Krisztina and Flash (16) in Hungary 
From Elzbieta and the Sabadiana Poodles in Poland
From Anne and the Aneesh Poodles in Italy
From Lida and The Royal Stuart Dalmatians in Czech Rep.
From Jindřiška, Přeloučská Pečeť in Czech Republic