From Gabriele and the Little Black & White Solitaire Poodles in Germany
From Ekaterina and the poodles at
Iz Sozvezdiya Devy, Russia 
From Petra and the Earl´s Legend Poodles in the Czech Republic 
From Anna and all Aneesh's poodles in Italy
From Vlasta and the White and Black Standard Poodles in Czech Republic
From Alexandra and Länsmansgårdens Poodles in Sweden
From Maggie and the Maples Poodles in Finland
From Marea and the Wilken Poodles in Australia
From Anita and the Bayerische Sommerbären Poodles in Germany
From Indi (Olymbinar's Heartburn) and Valeria in the Netherlands
From Elfi, Eberhard and the poodles at From White Sensation in Germany

From Michael, Ole, My, Carla, Pippi, Sif, Venus, Trille, Liza, Fergie, Simone, Peddersen, Findus, Logan, Daisy, Saxo, Tímmy & Alfie

at Kennel Lykkehuset, Denmark
From Lena and the Notify Poodles in Sweden 
From Bastien, Patrice and the Starlook poodle family
From Gyula and the Silver Joker Poodles in Hungary
From Svet Pudlu (World of Poodles) in Czech Republic
From Emil, Fenja and family in Finland
From the Boppin Box Poodles in Spain
From Sally, Sonja and Susann in Sweden
From Kennel Divina Ambicion in Spain
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