From Kennel Lykkehuset in Denmark 
From Starlook Poodles in France 
From Poodle Family in Slovakia
From Wilken Toy Poodles in Australia
From Länsmansgårdens Poodles in Sweden
From Kennel Osmanthus in Italy
From Cimbria´s Poodles in Germany
From Aneesh Poodles in Italy
From Eva Szoke in Slovakia
From Kennel Bazaar in Norway
From Barbaranti´s Kennel in Hungary
From Kennel Teschiro in Czech Republic
From Kennel s Tainstvennogo Ostrova, Russia
From Poodle Variety in USA
From Kennel Honey Rose in Czech Republic 
From Kennel Arcadian's in Sweden
From Kennel White Syringa in Germany
From Kennel Iz Sozvezdiya Devy  and Kennel Rosa Preciosa in Russia 
From Timari Poodles in USA
From Kennel Warming, Denmark
From Claudia Prever and Fabrizio Maiocco in Italy
From Kennel Victoria Festiva in Czech Republic
From Kennel From White Sensation in Germany
From Kennel von der Kleinen Bastei, Germany
From Kennel Maples in Finland
From Kennel Ytaner in Czech Republic
From Silver Joker Kennel in Hungary
From Kennel Lilleba/Poodle Info in Norway
From Andrea and her beautiful boys in Czech Republic
From Kennel Arcanus Iliria in Czech Republic
From Kennel from the Falo Way in Belgium
From Indi, Valeria and Teloni in the Netherlands
From Kennel of Loveley Children in Austria