From Eva and her charming boy Connor in Slovakia
From Nadezhda and the Cherno Beloe Kino poodles in Russia
From Renate and "Manja" of the Ytaner Kennel in Czeh Rep.
From Patrice and the Starlook poodles in France
From Maria Margarita & Toy's ,,Beyond The Time''
From Petra and the Earl´s Legend poodles in Czech Rep.
From Monica and her A´monibe´s poodles in Sweden
From Marcela and the Unno Jezve poodles in Czech Rep.
From Eva and her Cowboy Corky & Alwin in Slovakia
From Cynthia and the Angel´s Heart Poodles in Switzerland
From Bruno, Paola and Viviana of the Osmanthus Poodles
 in Italy
From Britt, Thore and the poodles of kennel
Brittuvan´s in Norway