From Kennel Trucker´s in Finland


From Kennel A´Monibe´s in Sweden


From Alexandra, Kennel Länsmansgarden, Sweden


From Kennel Magicstar Puymeras in France


From Pandora Poodle, Russia


From Splendid Poodles in Thailand


From Kennel Ziethnereck in Germany


From Kennel Golden-Sunpower in Germany


From Kennel Voulez Vous in Norway


From Angel´s Heart Kennel, Schwitzerland


From Karin in Sweden


From Kennel Thunderwhip in Sweden


From Kennel Karaliaus Mylimasis, Lithuania


From Samarcanda Poodles in Italy


From Kennel Guldtackan´s, Germany


From Kennel Osmanthus, Italy


From Sofie and beautiful Ulla in Denmark



From Filou and Satu in Finland

From  Kennel Samarcanda in Italy

From Kennel Art Attack in Sweden


From Kennel Polosas in Sweden


From Brei-Ca´s Poodles in Denmark


From Avatar and Jacosta in Sweden


From Emberiza Poodles in Finland


From Crusea´s Poodles in Sweden


From Kennel Aracadian´s in Sweden


From Kennel Little Wizards in Germany


From Mila in Serbia & Montenegro


From Kennel Avonti in Australia


From Kennel Dinkanesh in Sweden


From Kennel Magicstar Puymeras in France


From Natascha, Planet Poodle and
Kennel Caspian Line, Germany


From Kennel Airy Arabeska, Russia