prcd-PRA result - dwarfs


OptiGen says:
"While annual eye exams by veterinary ophthalmologists are recommended for all breeds, this is especially important for Toy and Miniature Poodles since there is more than one form of PRA known to affect the breed."

Dogs marked with *: Copy of the test-report has been sent to webmaster

 Airi Arabeska Picasso Overnight Painter Black M A-parents
 A'Russian Dream (Germany) Brown M   Normal
 Amazing Grace Only For You (Germany) Black F A-parents
 April Fool´s Qumma Gimma (Sweden)       B
 American Affair von Nübbel (Germany) Black F A-parents
 A'Monibe's My Wintergirl, Sweden White F   B
 A´Monibe´s Snow Ice (Sweden) White M   A
 Angell'Ina Success The Beautiful Grey Of Marysa (France)  Silver F   Normal
 Ansvel New Style (Estonia) Black M Normal
 Backseatdriver´s Inside Joke (Finland) Apricot M   B
 Baiona Tesoro Di Mauro (Switzerland)  Red F Normal
 Barbados Tesoro Di Mauro (Czech Republic)  Red M   Normal
 Barbaranti's Atlantique (Hungary) Black F A-parents
 Bebella´s Design to Minivillis (Finland)  Black F   Normal
 Bebella's Eternal Flame (Finland)  Black F   Normal
 Belotsvetik Zhutky Huligan (Russia) White M A
 Bibilott Bourbon (Finland) Apricot M A
 Black Basic Kiss Me Now (Sweden) Black M A-parents  
 Blondie Star  (Serbia)  White F A-parents
 Blue Fontain von Nübbel (Germany) Black M Normal
 Brad Pitt Lucky Princess (Czech Republic)  Black M Carrier
 Brilliant Bono V. Klein-Nulland (Denmark) Black M A-parents
 Buena Vista von Nübbel (Germany) Black F Normal
 By Jagger Velvet Garden (Czech Republic) Black M Normal
 Cabryn Silver King Pin (Italy) Silver M Normal
 Canmoy’s Foreign Love  (Germany) Black F Normal
 Canmoy's Happy Chic (Ukraine) Black F Normal
 Canmoy´s Leading Light (Finland) Black  F   A
 Canmoy´s Oh La La (Finland)   F   A
 Canmoy´s Quelle Folie (USA) Black F Normal
 Carewicz Rosji Czarna Fuga (Poland)  Black M   Normal
 Casablanca Gris z Nového království (Czech Republic)  Silver F A-parents
 Casanova von der Hutzelschweiz (Germany) Black M B
 Caspian Line´s Blue Baykal (Germany) Black M A-parents
 Caspian Line´s Bluemarina (Germany) Black F Normal
 Charisma iz Cherno-Belogo Kino Brown F Normal
 Chernaya Markiza (Russia)  Black F Normal
 Constantin Gris z Nového Království (Czech Republic) Silver M A-parents
 Contre Coupe von Nübbel (Germany) Black M A-parents
 Crusea´s Elegant Esabell (Sweden)     A-parents  
 Crusea´s Expensive Emperor (Sweden)     A-parents  
 Crusea´s Exquisite Elaiza (Sweden)     A-parents  
 Crusea´s Imber Born To Evak´s (Russia) Silver F A
 Crusea's Katja (Sweden) Silver F Normal
 Crusea's Key Man (Sweden) Silver M Normal
 Crusea's Kick Off (Sweden) Silver M Carrier
 Crusea's Kiona (Sweden) Silver F Normal
 Crusea's Knight Magic (Sweden) Silver M Carrier
 Crusea's Knock Off (Sweden) Silver M Normal
 Czego Chciec Wiecej Inter Studio (Poland)  Black M   Normal
 Dakata Pure Gold (Sweden) Apricot M A
 Damocan Skyfall (Czech Republic)  Brown F A-parents  
 Dana Francheska Doni (Finland)  Apricot F Normal
 Dandy-Diamond Charme of Silver Germany Silver Normal
 Deesse-Daisy The Beautiful Grey Of Marysa (France)  Silver Normal
 Delta Blue Icky Thump (Sweden) White M Normal
 Djakartas Hero Of Time (Sweden) Black M Normal
 Dolce Vita von der Hutzelschweiz  (Germany) Black F Normal
 Dick Tracy le Papillon (Germany) Brown M Normal
 Dis Lui Toi Que Je T'Aime The Beautiful Grey Of Marysa (France)  Silver F Normal
 Dolce Vita iz Cherno-Belogo Kino (Russia) Black F A
 Dorian Grey´s Belami (Sweden) Silver M A
 Egoist Iz Volskoy Serenady (Finland) Apricot M   A
 Elinkaa The Beautiful Grey Of Marysa (France)  Silver F A-parents
 Elite Black'Model The Beautiful Grey Of Marysa (France)  Black Normal
 Equerry´s Messing Around (Sweden) Black M A
 Eragon Wunder The Beautiful Grey Of Marysa (France)  Silver M A-parents
 Eugenios Heartbeat (Holland) Black M   A
 Eugenios Sarahill Dreams (Finland) Black F   A
 Eugenios Snow White (Sweden) White F A
 Eugenios Unplugged (Finland) Apricot F   A
 Eugenios Vanilla Sky (Denmark) White F Normal
 Executive VividSmash (Russia) White M A
 Fantaisya The Beautiful Grey Of Marysa (Norway)  Silver A-parents
 Favorite Iz Sozvezdiya Devy (Sweden)  Brown M A-parents
 Feng Shui von Nübbel (Gemany) Black M Normal
 Fidel Peek A Boo (Norway) Brown F Normal
 Firedance von Nübbel (Germany) Black M Normal
 First Brown Edition Des Brumes De Byzance (France)  Brown F A-parents
 Giulfo Dirtelo non Dirtelo (Italy)  Brown M Normal
 Givenchy Miss Aleksandra (Ukraine)  Apricot F Normal
 Greyfun's Wild and Funny (Finland) Silver F Normal
 Giulfo Egoiste for Lovely Children (Germany) Brown M Normal
 Hestebakkens Golden Rambler (Finland) Apricot M   A
 Hestebakkens I'm A Red Gigolo (Denmark)  Red M Carrier
 Hestebakkens Orange Kassandra (Denmark)  Apricot F   Carrier
 Highlight von der Hutzelschweiz (Hungary) Black F Normal
 Hope and Glory von der Hutzelschweiz, Germany Black F Normal
 Ivanhoe the Great Yrtep (Italy)  Black M   Normal
 Ivanhoe von der Hutzelschweiz (Germany) White M Normal
 Jagger van Klein-Nulland (Sweden) Black M A
 Jasenak Touch The Stars (Hungary)  Black F   Normal
 Jutana Charodeyka for Loveley Children (Germany) Brown F Normal
 Karbits Fire Down Below (USA) Red F A-parents
 Kartanon Kruunu Adonis Marshall (Finland) Apricot M A
 Kartanon Kruunu Ali Marshall  (Finland) Apricot M A
 Kartanon Kruunu Nana Yalita (Finland) Apricot F Normal
 Kartanon Kruunu Zilver Zinnia (Finland) Silver F Normal
 Kicking Butts of Nathalie´s Pride (Holland) Black M A
 Kudos Lexus (Poland) Black M Normal
 Länsmansgårdens Beautiful Girl (Sweden)  Black F A-parents
 Länsmansgårdens Black Veil Bride (Sweden)  Black F A-parents
 Länsmansgårdens California Dreamin'  (Sweden) Black F A-parents
 Länsmansgaardens Cherokee Maiden (Sweden) Black F A
 Länsmansgardens Cherokee Rose (Sweden) Black F A-parents
 Länsmansgardens Dreamcatcher Maiden (Sweden) Black F A-parents
 Länsmansgårdens Hannah Montana (Sweden) Black F A-parents
 Länsmansgårdens Legacy (Sweden)  Brown M A-parents
 Länsmansgardens Little Big Man (Sweden) Black M A-parents
 Länsmansgaardens Louisiana Dream (Sweden) Black F A-parents
 Länsmansgardens Magic Melody (Sweden) Brown F Normal
 Länsmansgårdens Rebel Love Song (Sweden)  Black F A-parents
 Länsmansgårdens Rockin' Rio (Sweden)  Brown M A-parents
 Länsmansgårdens Midnight Rose (Sweden)  Black F A-parents
 Länsmansgårdens Minnesota Magic (Sweden) Black M A-parents
 Länsmansgaardens Texas Dream (Sweden) Black M A-parents
 Länsmansgårdens You Rock My World (Sweden)  Black F A-parents
 La Zenia Isalina (Denmark) Black F Normal
 Lefariis Golden Eternity (Denmark) Apricot F   A
 Lillifee von der Hutzelschweiz (Germany) White F A
 Of Loveley Children Adamo's Love (Germany) Brown M Normal
 Of Loveley Children Antonio Banderas (Germany) Brown M B
 Of Loveley Children Baquillero (Germany) Black M Normal
 Of Loveley Children Chocolat Liquiere (Germany) Brown F B
 Of Loveley Children Emmely`s Exqisit Peach Apricot F Normal
 Of Loveley Children Hrustalnaja Boginja (Austria) Brown F Normal
 Of Loveley Children Le Monchichi (Germany) Brown F B
 Of Loveley Children Little Advokat (Germany) Brown M Carrier
 Of Loveley Children Munich's Leopold (Germany) Black M Normal
 of Loveley Children Pay me Cash (Germany) Apricot M Normal
 Of loveley Children Phantomen's Picadilly-Lilly goes to Pemfling Brown F Normal
 of Loveley Children Sweet Georgina Brown (Russia) Brown F Normal
 of Loveley Children Take it Again Brown F Normal
 Of Loveley Children Tete a Tete (Germany) Brown F Normal
 Lykkehuset's Hidden Agenda (Germany) Black M Normal
 Mafia Iz Cherno-Belogo Kino (Russia)  Brown F A-parents
 Magicstar Tea Time Puymeras (Finland)   F   A
 Magicstar Tell Me Puymeras (Finland)   M   A
 Medevi's Billie Jean (Sweden)  White F A-parents
 Merinos Favorite Crack A Code (Germany) Black M B
 Merinummen Ella (Finland) White F Normal
 Metunai Apricot Cheila (Finland) Apricot F A
 Metunai Caldron (Finland) Black M A-parents
 Miralyn English Lad (Finland) Red M A-parents
 Miniwin´s Robbie Williams (Finland) Black M Normal
 Misch´Amies The Best Of Me (Denmark) * Black M Normal
 Notify Magic (Sweden) White M Normal
 Notify Namnam (Finland) White F Normal
 Novyi Bibilott Martini (Italy)  Red M   Normal
 Nutlee Lingrey Suey (Poland)  Brown F   Normal
 Nutlee Timari High Style (USA) Brown F Normal
 Ofelia S Tainstvennogo Ostrova (Germany) Black F Normal
 Ole von Nübbel (Germany) Black M A
 Out Of Trouble Only For You (Germany) Brown F A-parents
 Passport´s Razzia (Sweden) Black M   A
 Pita-P Dancer Only For You  (Germany) Black M A-parents
 Pop-Up´s Tiger-Rag (Sweden)   F   A
 Quinto Bursztynowa Bona (Poland) Brown M Normal
 Risdan's Love Me Do (Slovenia)  Black M A-parents
 Sandust Brother Oh Brother (Germany) Black M   Normal
 Sandust Status Symbol (Sweden) Black M A
 Sankt Georgi´s Black Amy (Denmark) Black F Normal
 Sankt Georgi´s Black Felix (Denmark) Black M Carrier
 Sankt Georgi´s Black Joey (Denmark) Black M Carrier
 Sankt Georgi's Black Ronja (Denmark) Black F A-parents
 Sankt Georgi's Black Ronaldo (Denmark) Black M A-parents
 Sankt Georgi's Brown Emma (Denmark) Brown F Normal
 Sankt Georgi's Brown Iane (Denmark) Brown F A-parents
 Sankt Georgi's Brown Karola (Denmark) Brown F Normal
 Sankt Georgi's Brown Kosmo (Denmark) Brown M Normal
 Sankt Georgi's Brown Mon Cherie (The Netherlands)) Brown F Normal
 Sankt Georgi's Brown Peggie-Sue (Denmark) Brown F A-parents
 Sankt Georgi's Brown Percy (Denmark) Brown M A-parents
 Sankt Georgi's Brown Precilla (Denmark) Brown F A-parents
 Sarahill And I Love You (Finland) Black F A-parents  
 Sarahill Anni Miei (Finland) Black F A-parents  
 Sarahill D´Artagnan (Finland) Black M A-parents  
 Sarahill Deci Dela (Finland) Black F A-parents  
 Sarahill Love on The Run (Estonia) Black M A
 Sarahill One More Time (Finland) Black M   A
 Sarahill Vice Versa (Finland) Black M   A
 Sarahill Vorrei Amare (Finland) Black M   A
 Sawawhite´s Impression (Sweden) White F A-parents
 Silver Joker I'm Lovely (Spain)  Silver M A-parents
 Silver Joker Lolly Pop (Hungary) Silver F Normal
 Silver Joker White Vicomte (Hungary)  White M A-parents
 Silver X-Surprise From Beautyfull White Dream (Germany) Silver M Normal
 Sketch´s Fire and Wind (Czech Republic) Brown M Carrier
 Sketch´s for Romy´s Choco (Czech Republic) Brown M Normal
 Sketch´s Idea for Life (Czech Republic)  Black M A-parents  
 Sketch´s Why Not (Czech republic) Brown F A-parents
 Slavjanka Irandel (Germany) Black F Normal
 Slavjan Charlston (Finland) Red M Normal
 Solnes Summer Storm (Germany) Black M Carrier
 Sporrens Silver Kimono (Sweden) Grey F   A
 Spribeau Dream Weaver (Finland) Apricot M Normal
 Staedline´s Simply The Best (Sweden) Black M A-parents
 Staedline´s Tina Turner (Sweden) Black F A
 Staedline´s Honey Moon (Sweden) Black F A
 Staedline´s Seald With A Kiss (Sweden) Black M A-parents
 Sugarpine´s Party Joker (Denmark) Apricot M Normal
 Super Sonik´s Simply Magic (Sweden) Black M Normal
 Tabledancer von Ziethnereck (Germany) Brown M Normal
 Terence vom Kaltenbrunner Forst (Germany) Black M Normal
 Timari Nutlee Java Jasmine (USA) Brown F Normal
 Toyway How About Me (Germany) Black F A
 Toyway X'Marks the Spot (Germany) Black M Normal
 Toyway Xtra Special (Finland) Black M Normal
 Tripwire Notify Dinky Toy (Sweden) Apricot M Normal
 Trophy´s Golden Crack Of Dawn (Denmark) Apricot M   A
 Tuttlebees Hell of a Witch (Finland) Black M A-parents
 Up To The Top vom Kastanieneck (Germany) Black M A-parents  
 Vade´s After All (Finland) Black F A-parents
 Walk On Air von Nübbel (Germany) Black A-parents
 Warming Black Annabelle (Germany) Black F A
 Warming Black Spencer (Denmark) * Black M A-parents
 Warming Truly Surviver (Denmark) * Black F   A
 Wesley Elegans Sokom (Czech Republic) Black M A-parents
 Wonder Girl von der Hutzelschweiz (Germany) Black F A
 Xixao Earl's legend (Slovakia)  Black M Normal
 Xuan von Nübbel (Germany) Black F A
 Yack Pot der Schwarze Quirl (Germany) Black M A
 Ya Solnechny Lev iz Sibirskoi Skazki (Finland) Apricot M Normal
 Zican's Phantazy Dressed In White (Sweden) White F Normal
 Zolbiets Astiecurle (Sweden) Black F Normal
 Zoom Zoom von Nübbel (Germany) Black F Normal