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Never only to DNA-test your dogs. There are at least 2 different genetic forms of PRA in poodles, and only 75 % of the cases are prcd-PRA (the one you can detect in a DNA-test) and as Optigen write on their website:

"While annual eye exams by veterinary ophthalmologists are recommended for all breeds, this is especially important for Toy and Miniature Poodles since there is more than one form of PRA known to affect the breed."

Poodles get very old - often more than 15 years - and it is awful to get a blind DNA-tested poodle when it is only 5 years old.

And think of all the other results you get in addition when your dog is examined by a veterinary ophthalmologist

And remember: There are always dishonest people - also in the poodle world - who can show you a Optigen-report that says Normal/Clear on a dog, who has been either not tested or tested Carrier or Affected. I don´t know how they do it - but these things occur - so do be careful!


Expected results for breeding strategies using the OptiGen prcd test
Parent 1
Parent 2 Status
Normal/Clear Carrier Affected
Normal/Clear All = Normal/Clear 1/2 = Normal/Clear
1/2 = Carrier
All = Carrier
Carrier 1/2 = Normal/Clear
1/2 = Carrier
1/4 = Normal/Clear
1/2 = Carrier
1/4 = Affected
1/2 = Carrier
1/2 = Affected
Affected All = Carrier 1/2 = Carrier
1/2 = Affected
All = Affected
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