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OptiGen says:
"While annual eye exams by veterinary ophthalmologists are recommended for all breeds, this is especially important for Toy and Miniature Poodles since there is more than one form of PRA known to affect the breed."

Dogs marked with *: Copy of the test-report has been sent to webmaster

 Aconite Golden Dion (Denmark) Apricot F   A
 Aconite Golden Giovanni Apricot M A-parents  
 Aconite Golden Glow Of  Rose (Denmark) Apricot F A-parents  
 Aconite Golden Grace Kelly (Denmark) Apricot F A-parents  
 Aconite Golden Grenadine (Denmark) Apricot F A-parents  

 Aconite Golden Scarlet O´Hara (Denmark)

Apricot F   A

 Aconite Golden Sundance Kid (Denmark)

Apricot M   B
 Aedan Party Girl  (Germany)   F A-parents  
 Airy Arabeska Non Stop (Russia) Black M A-parents  
 Airy Arabeska Now All Over (Finland - Russia) Black M A-parents  
 Airy Arabeska Yanko (Finland) White M   Carrier
 Anjutiny Glazki Iz Doliny Grez (Ukraine)  Red F   Normal
 Bayerische-Sommerbären Najma  (Germany) Black F   Carrier
 Bayerische-Sommerbären Nuri (Germany) Black F   Normal

 Bellview´s Magicstar Thrill (USA)

  M   A
 Bobrow`s Let Your Spirit Fly (Norway) Café-au-lait T   B

 Bobrow´s Sweet Angel (Sweden)

  F   B
 Boring Queen Quelle (Denmark) Brown F   A
 Canmoy’s Happy Valentina  (Germany) Black F A-parents  
 Caprice Good Time for Pandorans (Sweden) White M A-parents  
 Cabryn Nevskaja Zhemchuzhina Nicky (Russia)  White M   Normal
 Charade Draco American Dream (Russia) Brown M   Normal
 Charade Draco Djimon (Sweden) Black M   Normal
 Charades Panama Jack, (Germany) Brown M   Normal
 Charades Love American Style (Russia) Brown M   A
 Connor Šedý vévoda (Finland)  Silver M   Normal
 De Imperium Auri Zefiro Tropikale (Russia)  Brown M   Normal
 Del Rocko Start The Music Tru (Germany) Black M   A
 Devon Toy of Mirror Home (UK) Silver M   A
 Dorian Gray's A Tasmanian Tiger (Hungary) Silver M   A
 Dorian Grey´s Belami (Sweden) Silver M   A
 Draco Charade Midnight Music (Germany) Black M A-parents  
 Eugenios European Doll (Sweden) Black F   Normal

 Eugenios Lucky I Love Candy (Finland)

Brown F   A

 Eugenios Would Love To-Too (Norway/Finland)

Black M   A
 Excell Expresso (Sweden) Brown M   B
 Fidel Rosa Centifolia (Norway) Black F   A
 Fidel Yatzy (Norway) Black F   B
 Fidel Yoko Ono (Norway) Black F A-parents  
 First Apri Novartis (Finland)  Apricot M   Normal
 Foxmore Arabesque Austin (Italy)  Black M   Normal
 Foxmore Garrett (Sweden) Black M A-parents  
 Germany Only for You (Germany) Black F A-parents  

 Gaasagaarden´s Donn Dvärg-Lövskärs (Finland)

White M   Normal
 Hestebakkens Golden Victor (Denmark)  Apricot M   Normal
 Inkognito iz Volzhskoy Serenady (Finland) Black M   Normal
 Jutana Gvendolen for Lovely Children  Brown F   Carrier
 Keep Smiling Only for You (Germany) Black F A-parents  
 Kissena My Lolitta (Australia) Black F   A
 Länsmansgardens American Dragon (Sweden) Black M A-parents  
 Länsmansgardens Apollo Creed (Sweden) Black M A-parents  
 Länsmansgårdens Eternal Euphoria (Sweden)  White F A-parents  
 Länsmansgardens Fame N Fortune (Sweden) Black M A-parents  
 Länsmansgardens Lady Gaga (Sweden)  Black F A-parents  
 Länsmansgardens Lady Liberty (Sweden) Black F A-parents  
 Länsmansgardens Lady Of Fortune (Sweden) Black F   A
 Länsmansgaardens Lord Of The Dance (Sweden) Black M A-parents  
 Länsmansgaardens Lord Of The Rings (Sweden) Black M A-parents  
 Länsmansgardens Paparazzi (Sweden)  Black M A-parents  
 Länsmansgardens Poker Face (Sweden)  Black M A-parents  
 Länsmansgårdens Precious Princess (Sweden)  Black F A-parents  
 Länsmansgårdens Pretty Princess (Sweden)  Black F A-parents  
 Länsmansgardens Rocky Balboa (Sweden) Black M A-parents  
 Länsmansgårdens Soldier Of Fortune (Sweden) Black M A-parents  
 Länsmansgårdens Speechless Sunrise (Sweden)  White F A-parents  
 Länsmansgårdens Terrific Thriller (Sweden)  White M A-parents  
 Lil Wee Bit O Joy Only For You (Germany) Brown F A-parents  
 Little Wizards Black Chandor (Germany) Black M   A
 Little Wizards Born To Be Beautiful (Germany) White M   A

 Look Here Do You Believe (Denmark)

Brown F A-parents  
 Look Here I Feel Lucky (Denmark) Black F A-parents  
 Look Here I Have A Crush On You (Denmark) Brown F   Normal
 Look Here Is The King Of Hearts (Denmark) Black M A-parents  
 Look Here Is The Queen Of Hearts (Denmark) Black F A-parents  
 Look Here Is Where I Belong (Denmark) Brown F A-parents  
 Look Here It´s A Summer Dream (Denmark) Brown F A-parents  
 Look Here It´s A Summer Kiss (Denmark) Brown M A-parents  

 Look Here It’s Hard To Believe (Denmark)

Brown F A-parents  
 Look Here It´s The Final Countdown (Denmark) Brown F   A
 Look Here I Will Never Give In (Denmark) Black M A-parents  
 Look Here King Of Summer (Denmark) Black M A-parents  
 Look Here Let Life Be Life (Denmark) Black M A-parents  
 Look Here Miss Denmark (Denmark) Brown F A-parents  
 Look Here Miss Universe (Denmark) Brown F A-parents  
 Look Here Queen Of Summer (Holland) Black F A-parents  

 Look Here Let Love Be Love (Denmark)

Black M   A
 Look Here It's Time 2 Boogie (Denmark) Brown M A-parents  
 Look Here It's Time 2 Fly (Denmark) Brown M A-parents  
 Look Here Say Something Nice (Denmark) Brown M A-parents  
 Look Here She's My Girl  (Denmark) Brown F A-parents  

 Look Here Still Believing (Denmark)

Brown F A-parents  

 Look Here You Better Believe (Denmark)

Brown M A-parents  
 Loved Chocolates Angel's Kiss (Austria) Brown F   Normal
 of Loveley Children in Flagranti (Austria) Brown F A-parents  
 Loveley Children`s Key to Succes von Ziethnereck (Austria) Brown M   Carrier
 Loveley Children Made in USA (Germany) Black F   Normal
 of Loveley Children Midnight Sioux (Germany) Black F A-parents  
 of Loveley Children Quest of Fame (Germany) Brown F   Normal
 of Loveley Children Quickgirl (USA) Brown F A-parents  
 Of Loveley Children Summernight Savannah (Germany) Black F   Carrier
 Of Loveley Children Wild Romar  (UK) Brown F   Normal
 Magicstar Born Sexy (Finland) Black M   Normal

 Magicstar Canmoy´s Puymeras (Finland)

Black M   A
 Magicstar de Silver Joker (Hungary) White M A-parents  
 Magicstar Flocon Puymeras (Sweden) White F   A

 Magicstar Mai Puymeras (USA)

 White F   A
 Magicstar Pandorans Puymeras (Sweden) White M A-parents  

 Magicstar Perfect Puymeras (USA)

White M   A

 Magicstar Satina Puymeras (USA)

White F   A

 Magicstar Seemarnan Um-Bertos´hot (USA)

Apricot M   A
 Magicstar Tino Puymeras (Sweden) White M A-parents  
 Magicstar Valdy Puymeras (France) White   A-parents  
 Magicstar Vinito Puymeras (France) White M   Normal
 Miracle Miss Aleksandra Apricot M A-parents  
 Mark Antoniy S Izjuminkoi Juliany (Finland) Apricot M   Normal
 Milki Lain Katti Sark (Austria) White F   Carrier
 Misch´Amies Here I Am (Denmark) * Black F   Normal
 My Little Wizard von der Waldburg (Germany) Black M   A
 Osmanthus Omnia Noir (Italy)  Black M   Normal
 Pagentry Little King For Elen Elf (Russia) Black M   A
 Pandorans Louisiana (Sweden) Black F   A
 Pandorans Talk of The Town (Sweden) White M   Normal
 Paulain´s Special Designed (Sweden) Black M   A
 Pauline von den Sudenthronen (Germany) Black F   Normal
 Pin Up Girl Only For You (Germany) Black F A-parents  
 Pita-P Kyst By Mon Amie (Germany) Black F A-parents  
 Pocket Lightning´s Molly Dolly (Finland) White F   A
 Poodells Secret Surprise  (Germany) Brown M   Normal
 Pop-Up´s Foxy Lady at Pandorans (Sweden) Brown F   B

 Primrose Taylor Made (USA)

Black M   A
 Prince So Magic White Syringa (Germany)  White   A-parents  
 Redkiy Dar Ocharovanie Doma Romanovyh (Russia)  Black&Tan M   Normal

 Romar Heir Apparant (UK/Ireland)

Black M   A
 Romar It´s For A Reason I´m  (Norway) Black M A-parents  
 Romar Rave Review (Ireland) Black F   A
 Sandust Scotch On The Rocks (Sweden) Black M A-parents  

 Sarahill Laura Paucini (Finland)

Black F   A

 Sarahill Nina Ricci (Finland)

Black F A-parents  
 Sarahill Que Sera Sera (Finland) Black F   A

 Sarahill Stella Gemella (Finland)

Black F   A
 Sawawhite´s Love Made Doll  (Finland) White F A-parents  
 Sawawhite´s Love Maker (Greece) White M A-parents  
 Sawawhite´s Love of Amonibe (Sweden) White M A-parents  
 Schokoladnoe Divo Lezginka S Inapats (Austria) Black F   Carrier
 Shantaram Beautiful Mind (Italy)  Black M   Normal
 Shantaram Entrancement (Italy)  Black M A-parents  
 Silver Joker Bonnie (Hungary)  Silver F A-parents  
 Silver Joker Gina Lolo (Hungary) Silver F   Normal
 Silver Joker Joshi San (Hungary)  Silver M   Normal
 Silver Joker Merry Melody (Hungary) Silver F   Normal
 Silver Joker Pretty Woman (Hungary)  Silver F A-parents  
 Silver Joker Ulysses (Hungary)  Silver M A-parents  
 Silver Joker White Hachi-Ko (Hungary)  White M   Normal
 Sketch´s Zenith for Romy´s Choco Brown M A-parents  
 Slavijanka Appolonia (Germany) Black F   B
 Soignes Magicstar in the Sky (France) White M   Normal
 Sol-Enens Jade-Zanzara´de Belle (Sweden) Black F   A
 Solnes Black Bacardi (Italy) Black F A-parents  
 Southampton Dartagnan Bazaar (Norway) Black M   A
 Speechless Van Klein Nulland (Italy)  Black F A-parents  

 Sporrens All Over (Russia)

Black M   A
 Staedline´s Crazy In Love (Sweden) Black F A-parents  

 Staedline´s Happy Hour (Sweden)

  F   A
 Staedline´s Magic Mirror (Sweden) Black F   A
 Staedline's Sweet Like Chocolate (Sweden) Black F A-parents  

 Starwood Marie Clair (Sweden)

  F   A

 Southamton Dartagnan Bazaar (Norway)

Black M   A
 Sundance Kid vom Rodauer Forst (Germany) Brown M   Normal

 Sunni-Ike Kiss Me Kate (Sweden)

  F   A

 Sunni-Ike Love´N Kisses (Sweden)

  F   B
 Superstar´s Christmas Love Dance (Italy) Black F A-parents  
 Sweet Kimy Kiss von Ziethnereck (Germany) Brown F   Carrier
 Tinkilees Lil Albert (Germany) Black M   A
 Touch Of Magic Only For You (Germany) Black F   Carrier
 Toyway Lord Of Rings (Finland) Black M A-parents  
 Treasure-Trove´s Secret (Denmark) Brown M   A

 Trophy´s Golden Eternal Flame (Denmark)

Apricot F   A

 Trophy´s Golden Hugs´N´Kisses (Denmark)

Apricot F    A
 Ula de Maloa (Spain) Black F   Normal
 Vade’s Afterglow (Finland) Black F A-parents  
 Whitney´s Top Dancer (Czech Republic) White M   Normal
 Winterdream`s Russian Europe (Germany) Black F   Normal
 Xtasy von der Hutzelschweiz (Germany)  Black M   Normal
 Yamit Muskat Lime (Denmark)  Red M   Normal
 Youngster’s Come Back Only For You  (Germany) Brown M A-parents  
 Youngster`s Heavy Hitter (Germany) Brown F   Normal
 Zabavny Kolokolchik Valerina (Russia White F   Normal
 Zican's Crazy Af Marsch-Mallow White F   Normal
 Znak Zodiaka Red M   Normal
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