Don Balbino's Baby For Jolly-Jazz


Black dwarf female
Born: December 28th 2008
"My loving Odette 19 month old, 9 x CC, 2 x  res.Cacib, 2 x Cacib, 2 x BOB,
Anniversary Poodle Club Winner 2010 Nitra & BIS 3."

Kennel Don Balbino's
C. Eliasson Aström


Kennel Jolly-Jazz
M.Schill and K.Schultheisz

 Hegyalja ut 21. Budapest Hungary


Snarets Jonny Cash Staedline's Simply The Best Sunni-Ike Kiss-Kiss-Kiss
Staedline's Tina Turner
 Snarets Atomic Kitty Rusch Mix Bonbon
Don Balbino's Sing When You Win Party-Line's Sing'in In The Rain Sol-Enens Jade-Like To Party
Härbovi's Nova Masquerade
Lucky Days Queen's Cornelia Eugenios Lucky Days Of Party
Lucky Days Chrissy Brown
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