Drefvikens Russ Tumblyn


Black miniature male puppy

Born: October 28th 2009
prcd-PRA: Normal

"A beautiful puppyboy! Well angulated around. Dark eyes. Both parents are free on hips and knees.
They are mentalytested with good results.

"Bisse" is browncarrier"



Drefvikens kennel
Leone Nyman

 Skogas, Stockholm, Sweden

 Phone: +467037010791

 E-mail: drefvikens@hotmail.com

 Website: www.drefvikensmellanpudlar.com 

CH Cruseas Jumping Jack
prcd-PRA: Normal - HD: B - pat.lux: 0/0
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Drefvikens Rita Moreno
prcd-PRA: Normal - HD: A - pat.lux: 0/0
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