My favourite pictures

On this page you will find some of my favourite poodle pics.
You cannot send photos for this page - Iīll just pick them out myself from here and there
A wonderful winter photo of a happy poodle in the snow
Ahe is multichampion Ó,Manon Aurea Ytaner
and she is bred, owned and loved by
Renata Smyckova, Czech Republic
A wonderful couple on two wonderful pictures:
Fame Fatale Du Haut Pacquis and Andy Superstar of Gold Kennel

March 2012
Viviana Nodalli, Kennel Osmanthus in Italy
with two gorgeous toy girls:
"Nika" (Osmanthus Delices De Cartier) and  "Bella" (Osmanthus Gucci Envy)
at the international show in Fribourg, Switzerland in February


October 2011
Top Secret von Anke's Aristodogs
The fastest poodle in Finland
I donīt know who the owner is - the picture came as the sire-pic for a puppy-ad
This poodle has it all: Strength, health and a wonderful temperament.


So wonderful to see a child bond with animals - promissing for the future
(The 3 babies live at Kennel Interstudio)


Sulo (Ain'Uljas Icarus) a happy Finnish mini boy
enjoying the summer by the sea
What comes after (the drying) may not be that funny, but this sure is great!
This is what life is about!
Sulo is owned and loved by Emilia Mattanen


Summer 2009
"Connor" and "Sammy" playing in the garden
Two happy boys in the Slovakian summer.
Connor Crowe Brown Children and Samarcanda I Am What I Am

are both owned and loved by Eva Szoke, Slovakia


Summer 2009
This is the way to spend your holiday:
Ice cream - your best friend - the beach
Bavajka and Ričí are the two lucky and happy poodles
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Deny - having fun with his best playmate in the field
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Sunny - the sand poodle - on the beach - isn't she absolutely wonderful?
I just love pictures like this - a poodle just enjoying life
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Manon and Josephine  - 2 sweet girls waiting for Christmas


Flying poodle!
The meaning of life - having fun with your human......or servant
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Bill (Able William Velvet Garden) playing
with owner Malgorzata Mikaīs 1 year old daughter.
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Yes, yes, yes YES!
Here I come and this is just
Yanic playing in the garden in Finland.
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How often do you see movements like these???
Westpriors Black Donatela winning Melbourne Royal 2007
She also went Best In Show All Breeds at the Royal Geelong Show in October 2007
Bred and owned by Jean and Graeme Missen, Australia
- out of pure Danish lines!

Isnīt this wonderful? Itīs just the perfect poodle picture! The way we all love the poodle!
"Lexus" (right) and his daughter "Negry" (left)
Thanks so much to Anna in Poland for sending it

"Indii" from Poland
Pip and the Chihuahua
Isnīt she both lovely and clever?
Tiny "Eugenios
European Doll" is both a show and an
obedience star - so for all of you who say that it is
impossible - yes, it can be done!
Breeder is Tone Bekkasen Fischer, Norway and
owner is Petra Östlundh, Kennel A Million Voices, Sweden
Bazaars Amazing Pernille proudly owned by Inger Sorlie in
Norway did very well at the Jutlandia Cup in July.
Look at her ears - isnīt it wonderful?
Isnīt she lovely? And the poodle too of course?
"Obi" with his young owner Mieke on a poodle-walk on
the seaside in Belgium
Three wonderful miniatures on the beach in France
Calimero enjoying his day at the show