It is with regret that I must ban a group of individuals from Poodles in Scandinavia.  The reason for the ban is the defamation and slander, both verbally and in writing of others, myself included, in the Danish Poodle world, and possibly also abroad.  As an example, these individuals refer to the two largest Danish Poodle breeders, myself included, as unethical idiots. These individuals avail themselves of services such as this website -  and in return they spread the most infamous lies about us in every public venue at their disposal.  They are absolutely without shame.  The concepts of honesty, integrity and goodwill are completely foreign to these individuals. If this concerned only myself, I would ignore it, and simply have them removed from the site.  However, as the slander and derogatory comments are directed towards highly esteemed and internationally renowned breeders, I feel it necessary to inform you of this.  Poodles in Scandinavia is a site for serious Poodle lovers, not for individuals who have nothing better to do than to malign others in order to promote themselves.  Poodles in Scandinavia is not a site that will tolerate and/or condone such  behavior and lack of ethics. For this reason, dogs bred and/or owned by these individuals will no longer be found on this site.  ALL material pertaining to these individuals has been removed from this site.