Fun with Poodles
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Do you have a funny or cute picture of your poodles please sent it to me
This is amazing - isn´t it wonderful?
Filou (
Madelief's Roi P'tit Filou) from Finland playing in the snow
We have received these wonderful pictures from Kennel Little Wizards
Click on the pictures and enjoy!
"Sinner" in the snow
Owned and loved by Samarcanda Poodles in Italy
"Diva" has found out that dogs cannot fly!!!
Astrid Ljostad Svensen, Norway

See more on this great website:

Obedience Class training Downstay.
Teacher Warming Brown Muffin and her 3 Newfie-pupils.
"Muffin" lives in Israel with her mom Miri Abramson,
and she sure knows how to control her big brothers and sisters.
"Hello Miss Cow" - an odd couple, but who cares?
Tiny Muskat likes his new girlfriend.
Owner of the young man is Christine Bye-Pedersen, Sweden
Willow the brown clown girl from Kennel Samarcanda 
Owner: Sonia Merati
Standard poodle Shanti is a true sporting poodle: With both the skipping rope and on a skate board

You can also meet Shanti on her own site - just click on the bone:

Adorable standard puppies in the snow!
They are from Kennel Snow´N´Ice in Norway
"Maggie" enjoying the snow! - who said that poodles were lap dogs?
Winter-standard from Kennel Samarcanda
Brigitte Copeland of  the Falkirk Kennels in the US sent me this:
The Standard of the Breeder/Owner/Handler
Brigitte has also sent this precise description of the breeder
Brigitte is back again with this funny little thing about what life would be without dogs.
Don´t we all recognize it so very well?
Brigitte has done it again. Here comes:
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