Fun with Poodles
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Do you have a funny or cute picture of your poodles please sent it to me

White miniature poodles - sisters and brothers of the kennel Arcanus Iliria - family trip on the show in Bratislava


Yet another flying poodle!
Apricot miniature male
Madelief's Roi P'tit Filou  - Filou enjoying a summer day with his ball :-)
Owned by Satu Rannikko & Pentti Lensu in Finland

Another flying poodle!
Brown miniature male
Bazaar´s Starring Moravia
Bred by Anne Muhnbraaten, Norway
Owned by Kennel Starring Moravia, Czech Republic

The flying toy poodle!


Silver toy poodle male  Kilimangaro Mountain Earl's Legend
Breeder : Petra Plisková , Czech republic
Owner : Kennel Leggero Danzatori, Malafeeva Tatiana Alexandrovna , Russia
Photo: Malafeeva Tatiana Alexandrovna

New on the International Art Scene: Grado Art!
Super model in the pictures is Canmoy´s Radient ~ "Grado"
owned by
Stella Raycheva & Dragana Vasiljevic
Relaxing at the international show in Lendana, September 23rd 2007
Conan Warrior Earl´s Legend - apricot dwarf male
Breeder and owner: Petra Pliskova, Czech Republic. Photo: Eva Szeko, Slovakia
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