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Do you have a funny or cute picture or videos of your poodles please sent it to me
A small video from kennel Toyshop in Sweden
White miniature male SECH Inkus White Wizard (Hugo) is playing with his girl friend white toy
Notify Ice Climber (Yissa)

Little Tango in Sweden is a very clever little girl.
Here she is identofying object in owner Petra Östlundh´s wallet


New breed: The Monkey-Poodle
This banana-lover is owned by Kennel Iz Sozvezdiya Devy in Russia

“ 1, it so  amusing!
Hot chocolate poodles Helly and Ron from kennel  Klassicheskiy Aljans in Russia “  
(Editor´s comment: I have asked my 8 poodles how this is done. I mean - not only the
movements are the same - so are the tails and head carriege. It is amazing!
But my dogs aggree: It is NOT possible!
So now I wonder: Are Russian poodles more clever than Danish poodles
or are my furkids just bluffing?)
Clever toy poodle identifying objects: A fork, keys, a glass and a match
Can your poodle do that???
The clever poodle is LP2 Eugenios European Doll
skilled into obedience, agility and tracking
The lucky owner of this little girl is Petra Petra Östlund, Kennel A Million Voices in Sweden
You can see more videos on her website:
Show poodles having fun - this is what life is really about
Olli and Happy are owned by Mila Ristic in Serbia
We have always known that poodles are very talented and gifted dogs
and now we can see that they can also play the piano.
I wonder if she is playing "Für Elise" in these pictures???

Powderpuff Kleo My Mistic Love is a white dwarf girl.
She is bred by Aranka Bender, Serbia and owned by Katalin Farkas, Hungary



New way of docking tails? I don´t think that is legal????
(The two happy puppies belong to Carmen Köhler in Germany)


Michelle du Plessis (Romar Poodles) in N. Ireland has sent me this:
For Pet Lovers - Dear Dogs or cats


Two sweet toys
One of them is Lucretia Arcanus Iliria - guess who


Fun in the snow with Earl Legend poodles


This is our 8 month old standard bitch " Jasenak Warm Welcome"  (Joy).
Thats what you get from teasing the cat...!!
Now she knows hopefully she can not tease the cat anymore.
Greetings Nathalie, Nathalie´s Pride Poodles

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