Fun with Poodles

Fun with teo of Anna Laronca´s lovely poodles (Anees Poodles)
Sherazade with a glass of fresh mint: "I want to try everything!"
Clicquot  (toy poodle) and Garance (miniature poodle 41 cm) in a rather intimate situation :-)
Chanson D'ete Reine De La Lune
Just SO coool!
"Ooooh, I don't want to be on photo with this big horse!"
Ineska's Aristo (breeder and owner: Karolina Babickova, kennel Ineska's, Czech Republic

Black and white world!!!

Tersatana poodles (black) & kennel Moretto Fiumano(white)

The Osmanthus Gang
A typical day at Kennel Osmanthus in Italy
- all the poodles have occupied the sofa!
Cezz´s Look Like Liquorice - the little butterfly
What an expression!
Owners are Annemarie and Julia Freier, Germany
Tosca´s favourite occupation!
Can your poodle do that?
Tosca is also called Definitive Cherish Shinig Light and she is owned by Kennel Jolly-Jazz
Jasenak Tersatana celebrating his 2nd birthday
This is how it is done and how it is supposed to be - just ask your own poodle!
CH Jasenak Marshall having difficulty waking up in the morning - it is very hard to be poodle.
Best wishes Sanja and Tersatana Poodles
Morgan having fun with Kessler twins - very famous (old) show girls in Italy and Germany
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