Haydee's Susannah


Black miniature female
Born: November 7th 2005
prcd-PRA: Normal - pat.lux: 0/0 - eyes clear


Kennel Haydee's
E. Halonen

Tiina Määttä
Valkeakoski, Finland

INTCH FICH ITCH LTCH RUCH EECH SICH NordJW´05 LT-JW´05 Canmoy's Senator CH Canmoy’s Squaredancer INTCH NordCH KBHW´98
Torpaz Honky Tonk Man
CH EUW´94 Canmoy’s Angel Talk
CH LVW´01 NordW´00 NordW´01 WW´01 Canmoy’s Metropolitan CH Canmoy’s Backdoor
CH Canmoy’s Cosmopolitan
FICH FI-JW´04 Haydee's Savannah CH Benchmark of Midnight CH Outrageous of Midnight
CH Happy Hooligan of Midnight
FICH Haydee's Original CH Canmoy's Obsession
FICH Toyway Happy Heart