HD-results - Miniatures

Results marked with * after the dog´s name: The result scanned and sent to webmaster
Brunhilda Slunce Krizlic Czech Republic Black Female A/A
Chanson d'Ete Athena Estonia Apricot Female B
Chanson d'Ete Attila Estonia Apricot Male B
Charmer Wins Elite Model Sweden Black Male B
Crusea’s Jumping Jack Sweden Black Male B
Darkovers Lion Sleeps Tonight USA Apricot Male B
Donatella el'Monte Estonia Apricot Female A
Drefvikens Gene Kelly Sweden   Male B/B
Drefvikens Marie Curie Sweden   Female A/B
Drefvikens Rita Moreno Sweden   Female A/A
Engine Cousin Itt Sweden Apricot Male A
Fleur De Caniche Charlie Noir Denmark Black Male A
Forsfararens Hjärter Ezz Sweden   Female C/C
Gannio Great Teschiro Czech Republic Red Male A/A
Happy Life Cumanda Sweden Apricot Female A
Hitmakers Hold On To Your Hat   Black Female B
Isis Dreamy Lady Teschiro * Czech Republic Apricot Female A/A
Karbits I Got You Babe At Rosemel USA Red Female A
Klark Ivemon Czech Republic White Male A/A
Kudel from Golden Regia Poland Apricot Male  
Last Minute Aotearoa Black Magic Finland Black Male B/B
Of Loveley Children Latino Lover  USA Brown Male A
Osmanthus Allure Sensuelle Italy Black Female A
Osmanthus Noel Chance Italy/Canada Black Female A
Osmanthus Versace Bright Crystal France Black Female A
Reklama Ot Gospoji Paninoi Russia Black Female A
Rozz Malva-Mazarin Sweden   Female A/A
Sicilka`s A Little Too Perfect Norway Black Female A
Starlook Pater Pan France Black Male B
Timari Sequoia Temptation USA Brown Female Fair
Vals S Tsvetochnoi Poljany Russia Black Male A
Westpriors Black Raymond Denmark Black Male Fair (USA)
C (Denmark)
Warming Black Geisha* Denmark Black Female A
Warming Black Innovation Denmark Black Male B
Warming Black Oscar Denmark Black Male B
Warming Black Unforgetable USA Black Female Good
Warming Brown Christmasrose Denmark Brown Female A/A
Warming Brown Fidelio * Denmark Brown Male Fair
Warming Brown Julia Norway Brown Female A
Warming Brown Quean USA Brown Female Fair
Warming Brown Rose France Brown Female A
Warming Brown Surprise USA Brown Male Good
Warming Easy Edition * Denmark Black Male A
Wlastitelnitsa Tmy Iz Yantarnoy Strany Russia Black Female A
Yuvelirnaya Rabota Ot Gospoji Paninoi  Russia Black Female B
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