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Results marked with * after the dog´s name: The result scanned and sent to webmaster
Ahornstreet's Tinkerbelle Italy White Female Free
Ajax Sweden Black Male B
Aladin Bohemia Anjuli Czech Republic White Male A/A
Amadeo du Cristaux Glacées Slovakia White Male A/A
Ankaru´s Luke Sweden Black Male A
Ankaru´s One Hell O’ A Copy Sweden Black Male A
Beautiful Stranger Bohemian Blossom * Russia White Male A
Božena Unno Jezvé Czech Republic Silver Female A/A
Calie´s Chrome Caughtmyspirit Czech Republic Silver Male A/A
Caracal Very-Merry Czech Republic Apricot Male A/A
Curonian Spit Backroad Adventure Iceland Black Male A1
Don Gaucho Que Bueno Que Estoy Spain Black Male B
Dulce Introducción Al Caos De Don Gaucho Spain White Female Good
Fantastic Feature's Blue Bajou Switzerland Black Male A/A
Flare Star JP Arktur  Poland Red Male A
Gaston Lady Black Queen Czech Republic Black Male A/A
Gesmay´s Zunshine Slovakia White Female A/A
Happy Dancing Hug Jean Sweden/Spain Brown Male A
Hihhii Bette Midler * Finland Black Female A
Jasenak Time Force Croatia White Male A
Jouet Eminence De Concubine  Slovenia White Male A
Jouet Geisha de Concubine France Black Female A/A
Jouet Second 2 None Denmark Black Male Free
Ninihill´s Kayleen To Believe Sweden Black Female A/A
Ninihill's Running For Win Poland White Male A/A
Ninihill´s Reason To Copyright Sweden Black Female B
Ninihill´s Reason To Go GetÉm Sweden Black Male A/A
Ninihill´s Talk About Sweden Black Male B
Piccadilly's Star Performer Switzerland Red Male A/A
Racketeer Breaking The Waves Denmark Black Male A
Sonyboys Baron Fighter Sweden Apricot Male B
Sagan's Casino Royale Sweden Black Male B/B
Samba Pa Ti Bernado Germany Black Male A1
Sharbelle Greg-Mar Mont Blanc USA White Male Good
Siida´s Black AG go to Calie Sweden Silver Male A/B
Tussilulls TransDance Sweden Black Male B/B
Urban Art Apocalypse Now * Croatia Black Male A
Vinzentinus vom Strahlenden Sternchen  Finland Silver Male A/A
Volzhskiy Talisman Djames Bond Czech Republic Apricot Male A/A
Volzhskiy Talisman Egor Poland White Male A
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