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Imported poodles to the Scandinavian countries
Exported poodles from the Scandinavian countries

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Whisperun Pinafore The Sterling Fox

Silver standard male

To Finland from USA


Fidel Run Over

Black standard male

To Latvia from Norway



Fantaisya The Beautiful Grey Of Marysa

Silver dwarf female

From France to Norway


Caro Line´s Clear Charmer

Black dwarf male

To Czech Republic from Sweden



Lapponia's Polar 

White standard male

To Iceland from Finland


Antonio Iz Volzhskoy Serenady

Apricot standard male

To Finland from France



Warming Easy to Love for Cherish

Black miniature female

From Denmark til Italy

Warming Easy Emotion

Black miniature female

From Denmark til USA


Good-Looker Yrtep

White miniature male

From Czech Republic to Finland


Don Balbino's Baby For Jolly-Jazz

Black dwarf female

To Hungary from Sweden


First Apri Novartis

Apricot toy male

To Finland from the Czech Republic

Jawazza Mind Your Step

Black standard male

To Norway from Sweden


Solnes Follow The Sun

Apricot toy female

From Denmark to Hungary

Jouet In Demand 

White miniature female

From Denmark to England


Jouet In The Clover 

White miniature female

From Denmark to Australia

Jouet Fiance De Concubine 

Black standard male

From Denmark to France


Huffish Put The Blame On Me

Black standard female

To Iceland from Sweden

Notify Abrakadabra

White female

From Sweden to Denmark


Timari Black Zorba

Black miniature male

To Denmark from USA

Dark Coffee's First Black Cagliari

Black dwarf female

From Sweden to Finland


Lykkehuset's Mars Attacks

Apricot dwarf male

From Denmark to Finland

Fidel O Boy A Buy

Black toy male

From Norway to Sweden