Jasenak Time Force

White standard male
Born: April 18th 2012
2013: prcd-PRA: Normal (Optigen) - HD: A - Ophtamologic ex., according to ECVO, National certificate all clear
April 2014: -NE (Neonatal Encephalopathy) - Clear 
-vWD (von Willebrand's Disease Type I ) - Clear of Poodle Type I vWD 
-MTC (Macrothrombocytopenia) - Clear-not carrying the mutation 
-MD (Degenerative Myelopathy) Clear - not carrying the mutation 
Bakh BIS 2 at the Club Championship Show for poodles in Zagreb November 22nd 2013

Jasenak Kennel


Dei Ragusei Illustri,  A. P. Oreskovic

 Dubrovnik, Croatia

 Phone: 00385 20 797 023



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