Ingelise Schilling

Hasseløvej 125
DK- Vaeggerløse, Denmark
Phone: +45 5417 7635
The story of af very small but also very succesful breed

Ingelise´s first poodle was Da-Ri Black Honey,
a black dwarf bitch born in 1974.
Here she is at the age of 13
becoming BOB 4 at a Poodle Club Specialty.

Honey´s two puppies the littermates black dwarf male Puskas and black dwarf bitch Precilla born in 1979
were the most dominating dwarf poodles in Denmark those days.
They were both DKCH and had multible BOB placements.

In 1985 Ingelise got Ki-To´s Little-Black Anja-Dido,
a black toy bitch. She became DKCH and was shown for more than 10 years - always on the top.

In 1989 Dido had a small toy puppy Suzette.
Suzette was not much of a show dog - she
simply did not like it, but she became dam
of Nautica. Here Suzette is in the middle of
the picture along with daughter Nautica and

Nautica - daughter of Suzette is one of the tinyest and
finest obedience poodles ever. She is only 22,4 cm but absolutely
fantastic. Class 1, 2 and 3 - Nautica does it all.

Inge-Lise´s most successful star is Wendeleen.
She is granddaughter of Oline - a full sister of
Suzette. Wendeleen was born in 1997. She is 25 cm
and has achieved simply everything.

She is multible BOB- and BIS-winner
and she is INTCH DKCH SCH and KLBCH.
In 2000 she became Toypoodles of The Year in the 
Danish  Poodle Club and in 2001 she became 
Toy Bitch of  The Year. 
Click on the photo and see more 
pictures of this wonderful little toy bitch.

Inge-Lise´s latest star is DKCH KLBCH Winivip
a daughter og Wendeleen, who is really about to
do it as well as her dam.
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