Kennel Sisterhood


Breeder of apricot miniature and standardpoodles  for show and work
One of Swedens most succesful breeders of apricot

Kennel Sisterhood
Mia Övernäs
Karlsro, 744 94  Morgongåva, Sweden
Phone: +46224-60026
E-mail :

INTCH NORDCH  Sisterhood Fatboy Slim
 Swedens most winning apricot mini of all times

Sunshine Sister in Disquise
 2 x CC

 Sisterhood Paint The Sky With Stars



INTCH FINCH FINW98  Sunday Affection

SCH FINCH Sisterhood TomTom 
At stud  apricot carrier 
CC vinning offspring

SCH FINCH  Sisterhood Real Wild Child
Several obedience titles also

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