Laughing poodles

Pictures of laughing and smiling poodles.
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Meet Paula (Happy dancing Honey Jean)
a happy, happy poodle having lots of fun with her owner Hilde Kasprzik
You can read much more about her on her own website:


Toypoodle female NOCH Art'n Joy Silver Regalia, "Ida" is smiling to her owner Margrethe Toubro, Norway

Olymbinar's Heartburn "Indi"
The picture was taken in June while hiking on the Alpes in Val d'Aosta, Italy
The proud owner is Valeria Teloni, the Netherlands
Tiny puppy - already showing a great sense of humour
Owned by Sylvia Wirtz in Germany
"Itīs the best joke I have ever heard - HAHAHA!"
Hugo Boss Marco Bohemica laughing at a joke told by his best friend Andrea Klobasova in the Czech Republic
"HA - itīs all mine!"
The elderly gentleman
Calimero Mysi kozisek still knows how to have the other poodles on.
He is loved and owned by Andrea Klobasova in the Czech Republic
Tiny Buffy having lots of fun - owned by Uta Geyer
of loveley children Christensens Crash boy - a very happy baby
Ha ha ha - itīs hilarious!
Baby dwarf U Wei Li Ytaner sharing a joke with ..... well some veggie toy