Scandinavian Poodle Clubs

Puddelklubben - Norway


Svenska Pudelklubben Sweden


Finska Pudelklub - Finland



Iceland does not have a poodle club
but the Icelandic Kennel
Club has a contact person for Poodles
in Iceland:
Þórdís Björg Björgvinsdóttir
Phone: +3548664747


Scandinavian Kennel Clubs







Scandinavian Poodle sites

Alexandra´s Poodle Corner Swedish site with general information on poodles
Annas Pudelsida Swedish site about Boris, the poodle and many other poodles
Byhund Great Norwegian site about being a dog in the city and much, much more
Filou´s website A beautiful site about a handsome apricot miniature male
Lena´s Pudlar Wonderful Swedish site about Lena and her beautiful and clever standard poodles
Puh and Gorm´s website Swedish site about a standard poodle with many talents)
Reija Hyttinens site About her standard poodle boys
Senchai  and Charlie´s  Homepage Danish site about two black poodles
 Shanti and Mira´s site Charming Norwegian site about obedience standard Shanti and agility-toy Mira
Ul´Rock´s site Charming Swedish site about an adorable brown standard girl
Lina´s Poodles Lovely Swedish site about Lina and her show, obedience and tracking poodles
           Torhild´s Homepage
Paula & Poodles, Finland
 Felicia and Fabio
 two apricot miniatures in Finland 
Other poodle sites
 Poodle Pedigree Database
 Pip´s Homepage (Warming Black Tosca)
 in the Netherlands
Frigas The Rose Earl´s Legend Site about a tiny black toy in the Czech Republic
Website about poodles in the Czech Republic
Nice´s Grey Website of Fidel Berlin - a Norwegian in Latvia
Klar Ivemon White miniature male in the Czech Republic

Scandinavian Dog Sites

All about dogs in Denmark (in Danish)
All about dogs in Denmark (in Danish)

Poodle Clubs abroad


  Club of poodlebreeders Praha (KCHP)

 Czech Poodle Club (KPaCH)
 Estonian Poodle Club
 Latvian Poodle Club
 South Western Poodle Club, England
 Swiss Poodle Club (Schweizerischer Pudelclub SPC )

Kennel Clubs abroad

 Estonian Kennel Club

Poodle online stores

 Romy Luxurious Dog Neck Hair

Dogstuff, Norway

 Lainee Limited
 Pudelparadiset, Sweden


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 Dog Style Sweden

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