Misch´Amies Here I Am


Black toy female
Born: August 18th 2002
prcd-PRA: Normal/Clear *
42 teeth

Born in the house of and lived with
H. Daugbjerg, Denmark
Grayco Vinivincenzo GBCH Grayco Cinquicento Saint Nicholas of W.Q. JP At Grayco
GBCH Grayco Hawaiclass
Grayco Mexically Rose Grayco Gulf of Mexico
GBCH Grayco Classically
DKCH Ki-To´s Ever So Special INTCH DKCH KBHV93
Castle Yard´s Special Touch
Grayco Bahama Boy
Castle Yard´s Suzanne
Ki-To´s Black Angelina Quentin Von Der Hutzelschweiz
Ki-To´s Black Little Pieroline
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