In Memory Of

Theese pages are a homage to the wonderful poodles who are not with us anymore.
They are still worth remembering - simply for being something very special to the owners who loved them.
 Aconite Golden Fighter Nikita - Apricot dwarf male

 Aconite Golden Lady Merian - Apricot dwarf female

 Aconite Golden Wild-Dream - Apricot dwarf female

 Alkvalon Zapadny Stil - White miniature male
 Alwin Brown Flower - Brown standard male 
 Bianchi Burattino Attrice - white dwarf female
 Biju s Tainstvennogo Ostrova - black miniature female

 Caniche Noir Le Grand Ami - Black standard male

 Canmoy's Small-Town Boy - White standard male
 Damona Brilliant Quick - White miniature female 
 Damona Simple A Dream - White toy female 

 Dundelion Carlos Sainz - Apricot dwarf male

 Greyfun's Chevrolet Boy - Silver miniature male 
 Greyfun´s Dreamcatcher - Apricot miniature female 

 Greyfun´s Drop Of Devil - Apricot miniature male

 Greyfun´s Sound Of Silence - Apricot miniature female

 Greyfun´s Wildfire - Silver dwarf male 
 Hector Marco Bohemica - White standard male

 Härbovi´s Behind The Mask - Black standard male

 Kildegaarden´s Wish Me Luck - Black toy female

 Laivi Play Girl Carolina - Silver dwarf female 

 Look Here I´m Lord Zackery - Black dwarf male

 Look Here You Light Up My Day - Brown toy female

 Micane´s Laddie - Black miniature male

 Miradel Course of Events - White miniature male

 Misch'Amies The Best of Me - Black dwarf male 
 Miss Moon Magic - Black standard female
 Osmanthus Aromatics Elixir Noir - Black miniature female
 Prince However I Love White Syringa - White toy male
 Skrivarbakken´s Snap Shot - Black toy male
 Special Attraction Reno Raines - Black dwarf male 
 Passport´s Razzia - Black dwarf male
 Sinita´s Power O´Love - Black standard female 
 Stonebay´s Glad Little Man - Black dwarf male
 Trophy´s Golden Crack of Dawn - Apricot dwarf male 
 Warming Black Innovation - Black miniature male
 Warming Brown Robin - Brown miniature male
 Xaité from the Falo Way - Black standard female
 Xavano Darling Devil of the Angels - brown miniature female

 Zamantha - Black dwarf female


If there are no dogs in Heaven,
then when I die I want to go where they went
(Will Rogers)