In memory of


Micane´s Laddie




Meet the most fantastic obedience poodle ever.....

He was International Obedience Champion
Nordic Obedience Champion
French Obedience Champion
Portuguese Obedience Champion
Norwegian Agility Champion
World Champion

Laddie was owned and perfectly trained by
Emile Prytz
Andorsrudsveien 134, N-30390 Drammen, Norway

Laddie was a black miniature - 39 cm
He was born March 28th 1992 and he died October 15th 2003

Emilie - Laddie´s owner was born May 30th 1974.
She holds competition obedience classes all over Europe.
For example she has done a lot of training with the Danish Obedience World Champion 2001,
so she can take quite a great deal of the credit for that fantastic result.
She also trains many World Champion Team competitors all over Europe.


Emilie and Laddie have trained since Laddie was 6 months.
From 3 years Laddie has been in the élite class.
In 1997 he suddenly became extremely good and the ambitions started to "fly".
Laddie has been on the Norwegian World Team since 1998.
He has won gold to Norway many times (European Championship 1999,
Nordic Championship 2000), but his greatest achievement was becoming World Champion
in Milan 2000 - both individually and with the team.
The year after he became number 3 individually at the World Championship in Portugal,
and number 2 individually at the Nordic Championship - the Norwegian Team was a superior
winner of the Nordic Championship.
And finally in Amsterdam 2002 Laddie became No. 2 at the World Championship.

In October 2003 Emilie had to say goodbye to her dear friend.
It is goodbye to the greatest obedience poodle ever.
No one can take his place neither in the obedience world nor in Emilie´s heart.

Just look at this fantastic dog at the photos below - he really loved working with Emilie:

No. 2 at the World Championship  2002
"Here come Mommy and me".
Obedience World Champion 2000
Relaxing at home
A true Scandinavian viking - Laddie in the snow

Three times Laddie was among
TOP 3 at the World Championships:
2000 he was no. 1
2001 he was no. 3
2002 he was no. 2

Laddie has a "brother" - click on the bone to go to his site:

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