In memory of

Danish Obedience Champion

Aconite Golden Fighter Nikita





Apricot dwarf male
Born: August 5th 1992

Breeder: Kennel Aconite

Lissie Hansen

Orionvaenget 21, DK-5210 Odense NV, Denmark
Phone: +45 6616 3692


Nikita was Danish Obedience Champion (DKOBCH)

He finished his titel with these results:
Odense 10/10-93 Class 1: 98 points (out of 100)
Tåsinge 7/8-94 Class 2: 137 points (out of 150)
Horsens 12/5-96 Class 3: 180 points (out of 200)
Hedensted Class 3: 182 points (out of 200)
Jordrup 24/04-97 Class 3: 180 points (out of 200)


In the late years Lissie and Nikita trained the elite class for fun.

Even as an old dog he loved to come out with Lissie on the "playground".

He was extremely easy to work with and he loved learning new things. He loved solving problems. If Lissie had been more intensive in her training he would have become obedience champion much sooner. But Lissie did not want to force anything - what should they do afterwards if it went too fast.

Nikita isn´t here anymore
but Lissie will always remember him as
this 4 months baby

Lissie Hansen is an obedience instructor

Click on the bone to go to "little brother" Yusuf

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