Bazaar´s Here We Go Again


Owned by Emilie Prytz
Andorsrudveien 134
N-30390 Dramman

Who´s the Champion?
Teddie shows you for himself:
Below: Norwegian Obedeince Champion
Right: Swedish Obedience Champion



Teddie was meant to be a good obedience dog - he was supposed to take
over after Laddie one day.
And Teddie really works to be as good as his older "brother".
He became Norwegian Obedience champion in February 2002 - a little more than 2 years old,
and Swedish Obedience Champion i Stockholm in March 2002.
He has been in the élite class since he was 1½ years old.

Teddie went to  the World Championship this year in Amsterdam.
He was there  only as an individual competitior - he is not good enough for
the Norwegian team yet - but watch out for him in the years to come!

Teddie with Emilie and "big brother" Laddie

I can do it!!!!!

YES! I´m Daddy´s boy!!

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