Aconite Golden Yusuf



Apricot dwarf male
Born: October 29th 1995
Breeder: Kennel Aconite

Lissie Hansen
Orionvaenget 21
DK-5210 Odense NV
Phone: +45 6616 3692


4 times Yusuf has been PK winner
in the annual DSS-competition
in class 1


Yusuf has also tried the show ring.
He could probably have done very well
if it wasn´t for his "mother" -
she is not much of a show person
- she prefers obedience.


Best thing in life is playing "Catch Me If You Can".
It´s so funny playing with border collies - they simply
don´t understand when they cannot control a tiny poodle.
And hte poor shelties - feel so bad when they are caught
by Yusuf and make such strange sounds.
Great fun!


Yusuf´s other great passion is "FOOD".
His nick name is something like "Fatty",
- very deceptive: Yusuf is a slim dog,
all this playing "Catch Me" keeps him fit.


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