Poriya Elite Ervin

Black miniature male
Born: August 15th 2011
prcd-PRA: Normal - pat.lux: 0/0 - full dentition - almost 40 cm

"Best puppy winner - Proper Straight tail.

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I am willing to exchange with an older male or a puppie.

Poriya Elite Ervin  is not likely to breed most of the females in my kennel, simply because one is his mother,
the other a sister and a third one is an aunt.

 Which is why I am looking to perform an exchange of blood and genetics"


 Breeder and owner:
Kennel Poriya Elite
O. Laster

 Poriya Elite, Israel

 Phone: +972 52 5566555

 E-mail: osnat@lasters.co.il

 Website: www.poodles.co.il

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