Rules - Puppy ads

We only bring ads about  puppies of the FCI-recognized colours
(black, white, brown, silver, apricot and red)
The only exception is parti-coloured poodles - they have become more and more popular
and poodle clubs in many countries recognize them - so we bring them too)

Birthdate (or expected date of birth) - MANDATORY!
How many males and females - MANDATORY!
Contact info MANDATORY!
Pedigree of parents - MANDATORY!
Pictures of parents
Pictures of puppies

If you send an ad for expected puppies please let me know when the puppies are born.
If you donīt you may expect the ad to be deleted by the end of the month of expected birth.

Please let me know when the puppies are sold, so puppy buyers wonīt contact you in vain.

The ad will be on Poodles in Scandinavia till they are 6 months old.

If the puppies are not sold by then, let me know and they can stay on the site till they are 9 months old.


When you send pedigrees you must fill out this online pedigree-formula and send it to me.
In other words: Donīt send the info in ordinary E-mails - use the formula!

When you fill out the formula:

Donīt type the info (names, results, pedigrees etc) in capital letters.
use capital letters in the first letter of each words – the rest of the words must only contain small letters.
This is mandatory - the material must be send so I can copy/paste and not have to re-write it all!
Donīt put paranthesis round country names

About pictures:
Donīt send the pictures inside a text-document or inserted in the mails
- send them as attached files (.jpg or .bmp - please not .gif)

The pictures must be in original size and not smaller than 400 pixels (width).
Donīt enlarge pictures - the original picture must be at least 400 pixels - otherwise the quality will be too bad.
Do not ad any kind of borders and do not write on the pictures.

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