International Luxemburg Show
September 6th 2008


Dear Poodle friends!!

This year at the international show of Luxembourg the poodles judges were a very famous couple made by Mr Jean Francois Vanaken from Belgium and Mr Laurent Heinesche from Luxembourg of the world rennows “Des Super Super” fame. Mr Vanaken was called to judge 39 Standards and 45 Miniatures and Mr Heinesche 37 Dwarves and 22 Toys. Best Puppy in show on Saturday was the dwarf bitch Caspian Line Future Can Come owned by Natascha Kolbe - judge: Kari Järvinen, Finland

Viviana Nodalli, Italy

 Here are the complete results:

 Standard Poodles (white, black, brown)
Samarcanda Italians Do It Better
White male
Breeder and owner: Kennel Samarcanda, Italy
Samarcanda Over The Rainbow
Black female
Breeder: Kennel Samarcanda, Italy
Owner: Rosalba Vigorita, Italy
Miniature Poodles (white, black, brown)
Attila-Laki d´Artagnan
Black male
Breeder: Isvan Csik
Owner: Mrs. Gonda-Moons
Osmanthus Allure Sensuelle
Black female
Breeder and owner: Bruno Nodalli, Italy
Video from the miniature competition
Miniature Poodles (apricot, silver, red)
Aery´s Praetorian
Breeder: Bohannon-Jakobson
Owner: Mrs. Jytte Pfanner
Uliana Madari Royal Sand
Red female
Breeder: Marianne Dallaire
Owner: Jitka Buyens
Dwarf Poodles (white, black, brown)
Caspian Line Daliana
Black female
Breeder: Natascha Kolbe
Owners: Natascha Kolbe and Siyakova
Sorry unknown
Dwarf Poodles (apricot, silver, red)
Dorian Grey´s Dahab
Silver female
Breeder and owner: Georg Walther
Diza Fleich Izyskanny Kavaler
Silver male
Breeder and owner: Alexandra Berezina
Solnes Black Bacardi
Black female
Breeder: Solveig Naess
Owner: Bruno Nodalli, Italy
Tirkane The Maverick
Black male
Breeder: Ann Ingram
Marlies Mortzick and Elke Hennecke
Best Puppy In Show:
Caspian Line´s Future Can Come
Breeder and owner: Natascha Kolbe
Judge: Kari Järvinen, Finland
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