Flying poodles 1

There is nothing as charming as a flying poodle!
Do you have a picture of one? - then it send to us and we will bring it here
Only demand is: The ears must be flying
"Grayce" (Grand Finaly Yrtep) - flying in the show ring
A typical, happy poodle :-)
The proud owner is Renata Welterová in Czech Republic

Faithfull Jetty Majestics (Faya) - almost flying away
The owner is Bape Nentjes from the

Flying white standard female Bifrastar Lucky Star "Dima"
Owned by Þórdís Björg, Iceland
(how many poodles - or humans for that matter - can play with two balls at the same time?)
8 month old white standard littermates having fun in the snow in Malaga
Don Gaucho El Placer Es Mio "Nix", male   Don Gaucho Dulce Introduccion Al Caos "Caos", female
Don Gaucho Ahí Va Eso, "Peter", male   Don Gaucho Dulce Introduccion Al Caos and Don Gaucho El Placer Es Mio
Don Gaucho El Placer Es Mio, white standard female, 8 months old, getting a new colour
and having fun in the country after the rain
(a multi-colour poodle - very interesting)

Brown miniature poodle female puppy Damocan Danish Design 'Dixi' is jumping to get warm
on a very cold winter day in Middle Finland January 2010
Breeder: Saila Vaittinen, Kennel Damocan
Owner: Tuula Valkama


Indi on holiday in the Black Forest in Germany
Indi is the son of
Olymbinar's Bunias Oriental in Finland
and he is owned and loved by Valeria Teloni, the Netherlands


Tiny Mars (Lykkehuset's Mars Attacks) flying in the Finnish snow in his fancy coat
Photo by
Katariina Koivusalo

Batilda Nontiscordardime
Owner: Krystian Licznerski
, Poland

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CH Penndragon Dream Don Gaucho, during the group judgement.
He thought so many people watching are waiting for something else than wolking,
let´s give some spectacle :-)

Owner: Don Gaucho Poodles in Spain

Shannon (Karbits Runaway) playing with a cloth
Owner: Karin Benker, Karbit Poodles
Synchronized flight - Aedan (Geraldo D'Argent Boucle) and Lisa (Karbits Quest Of Time)
Owner: Karin Benker, Karbit Poodles
Cher - Karbits I Got You Babe At Rosemel
Owner: Karin Benker, Karbit Poodles
Aedan - Geraldo D'Argent Boucle - flying over the creek
Owner: Karin Benker, Karbit Poodles
Golden Amore Toy of Mirror Home
In the picture he is 7 years old - today he is 14. He is allways a happy boy.
Owner is Carmen Köhler
Jasenak Star Force - son of Jasenak Backstage - is just as much a flyer as his dad
EUJW Multichampion Jasenak Backstage is living in familly with 3 children (and many other poodles).
It bring a lot of fun for all of them.
EUW´08 CEEUW ´08 CEEUW´09 CH Bazaar´s Starring Moravia ~ "Luka"
Brown miniature male
Owner: Kennel Starring Moravia, Jana and Pavel Vavrousek, Czech Republic
CEEUJW´08 JCH Poriya Elite Rachel
Black miniature female
Owner: Kennel Starring Moravia, Jana and Pavel Vavrousek, Czech Republic
EE-JCH EECH LVCH LTCH BaltCH BaltW'06 Chanson D'ete Reine De La Lune
Owner: Julia Radik, Kennel Chanson d'Ete in Estonia
(fantastic photo)
Apricot miniature female Donatella El Monte
Owner: Julia Radik, Kennel Chanson d'Ete in Estonia
Toy apricot female Cenicienta z Flemingova Parku ~ "Poppy"
is flying after the KCHP exhibition in Kačina Castle, Czech Republic.
Owners: Monika and Zdeněk Truksovi
"Tin Tin" ~ Crusea's Majestic Mister - a 3 years old miniature male at an agility competition in Stenungsund, Sweden. "TinTin" made his agilitydebute with his handler Ida Falheim. Ida is a 15 years old student at "Hundsportsgymnasiet" in Forshaga and attends the school with "TinTin"
"Tin Tin" is owned by Annika Gripencreutz, Sweden
This is apricot miniature poodle is named Slim Shady
and he is owned by Zanna Teilore in Latvia.
He loves to do Coursing, on this picture he chase a lure.
Check out his personal page:
Flying beauties!
Standard NOCH Degana On The Edge and miniature Sicilka's A Little Too Perfect
Two real good friends.
Owner is
Helen Skog Tronvold, Kennel Montillac in Norway
Meet "Anna" - the flying apricot dwarf
is owned by Jeanett Hiim Egeland, Sweden)
"Calimero" flying over the fields
Calimero Mysí Kozísek - owned by Andrea Klobasová, Czech Republic)
Ó,Manon enjoying her summer holiday
Ó,Manon Aurea Ytaner - bred and owned by Renata Smyckova, Czech Republic)