Poodle Record Event "Pudli raseni"
- a new Czech record


On 13. September 2008 a new Czech record has been set, beeing the greatest number of purebred dogs at one place when it was not a cynology event of any kind. On the Masaryk's square in Pelhrimov 75 purebred poodles has been registered.

Thanks belong to all who came to support the idea of a new record set up, in many cases from very distant places like Ostrava or Bratislava (Slovakia). To those who did not come to compete for prices or titles but who has invested their time and money in order to set up a new record together. And bring entire poodle race closer to common people.

New record is going to be officialy inscribed into the Czech Book of Records but mainly which is for us as organizers the most important, into memories of tens or even hundreds ordinary people who have become more familiar with poodles.

Terezie Petricakova and Jan Valcik

What a great initiative!
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