Submission of info and results


It is important that you read this carefully and follow the rules. If not the info will not be published!
Use the forms (links see below). Results or info sent in any other way will not be accepted!


Letters: Do not use capital letter only. Only the first letter in a word - the rest must be small letters.
This goes for ALL info in the forms

Person names: First name first - last name next
Certificate: CC (not CAC)
Junior certificate: JCC
International Certificate: Cacib (not CACIB)
Multichampion: Do not name the dog a multichampion unless it actually is to be considered a multichampion: 4 national championships plus the international championship.

Danish Champion: DKCH
Nordic Champion: NordCH
World Winner 2009: WW'09
European Junior Winner: EU-JW´09
Swedish Winner 2009: SEW'09
International Champion: INTCH
Multichampion - not multich. or any other shortening
And especially for the Norwegian and Swedish poodles owners: Do not include the "U" in the titles - this is a Norwegian and Swedish phenomenon.

NO commas or periods between or after the titles:
Country codes: For titles: Here they are:
Remember to put CH or W right after each and every country-code - like this: DKCH SECH NOW´08 - NO space between country code and CH
Countries (owners, breeders, judges, shows): Full name of the country - not country codes

Submission of info about:
Presentation, new champion, studdog, brood bitch, top producer, health results, for sale, import/export, obedience, agility, utility:

Use the online form:

If your dog already has a page with a pedigree on Poodles in Scandinavia you only need to fill out the form. Just send an email with the dog´s name and the new info.


Submission of puppy ads

Use the online form:
The ad will be on the site till the puppies are 6 months old


Submission of results and pup-in-Show-results:

Use the online form - show results:
Use the online form - Pup in Show: