INTCH  ATW´08 DECH ATCH Winner Berlin, Winner Halle
PZV-JCH - PZV-Sieger'07 HUCH
Terence vom Kaltenbrunner Forst

Black dwarf male
Born: January 20th 2006
prcd-PRA: Free (Laboklin) - pat.lux: 0/0 - Cataract and Glaucoma: Free

Genetic Coulour Test (Laboklin): BBEE (pure black)

All teeth - 34 cm
Oskar received on December 6th 2008 his 7th Cacib (7 judges, 3 countries)in the period of 1 year and 5 days,
so we proudly announce he is now INTCH

Kennel vom Kaltenbrunner Forst
Forst, A. Arnold

Kennel Classic Design
Ruth E. Meissner

Elsinger Weg 1, 93482 Pemfling, Germany
Phone: ++49-9971-766733

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