Top Standard Kennels

The kennels written in bold capital letters have links to Poodles in Scandinavia
The S-column shows that the kennels are Scandinavian
The I/E column shows that the kennels (outside Scandinavia) have either exported
or imported Podles to or from Scandinavia
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 ABRAXAS                                   Black, brown, white  Germany    
 ABROZ  Apricot, silver  Norway S  
 Adonai    Apricot, red   USA    I/E
 AHORNSTREET                       Black, white  Germany   I/E
 Aliri   Black, white, apricot   Russia     
 Allevamento per Passione   Black, white, apricot, red  Italy     
 Allora Appassionati   White   Germany     
 AMURSKAJA AKVAREL   Black, brown, white  Russia    
 ANGEL´S HEART        Black, white  Schwitzerland   I/E
 ANKARU                  Black  Norway S  
 Anmanos  White  Germany    
 Anorien                    Black  UK    
 Ansvel                            Black, white  Russia    
 Arcadian´s                  Black, brown, apricot  Sweden S  
 ART ATTACK          Black, white  Sweden S  
 ATAMI  Black, brown, white, silver  Russia    
 AVONTI                   Black, white  Australia   I/E
 AVRINA                       White, silver  Norway S  
 Barbone Gigante  Black, white  Germany    
 Bati Bell  Black  Poland    
 BEAUTYFLAKE           Black, brown, white  Switzerland   I/E
 Beckzero  Black  Slovakia    
 Begin to Dream   Black, white   France    I/E
 Berberis Carpatica  White  Slovakia    
 BIG CHEYENNE´S   Apricot, black&tan   Germany     
 Bijou Standard Poodles  Brown, red  Canada    
 Biscuit Bishop's  White  Finland S  
 Black Dignity   Black   Poland     
 Bliss Trine  Black, brown, white  Russia   I/E
 Bohemia Jaronela  White  Czech Republic    
 Bohemia Velvet            Black, white  Czech Republic    
 Bonoonoonoos  Black  Germany    
 BOPPIN BOX  White  Spain    
 vom Bornumer Wald  White  Germany   I/E
 BRUZOVSKE UDOLI  Black, brown  Czech Republic    
 Calie  Black, silver  Sweden S  
 CAPTIVATION   Apricot, red   Sweden  S  
 Carrington  Black, white, cream  Canada    
 Caspian Line             White  Germany   I/E
 CEN CLARENCE           White  Estonia   I/E
 Cerise    Black, apricot, red, cream   USA    I/E
 De Chamberande      Black  France    
 CHANCE DE BONHEUR   White   The Netherlands     
 Chanson D'ete  Black, white  Estonia    
 Chatain              Black, white  Australia   I/E
 OF CHENNOR   Black   Hungary     
 CLASS LINE  White, black  Italy   I/E
 Claudivan                                Black  Sweden S  
 CLEVERIAN   White, apricot   Finland  S  
 CRYSTALAR  White, black, blue  UK    
 CURONIAN SPIT   Black, white   Germany     
 Dag och Natt   Silver/grey   Sweden     
 DAJMEN            Black  Norway S  
 Dandy-Lions  Black, brown  Sweden S  
 Danrith               Black, white, cream  Australia    
 Danvik  Black, white  Russia    
 DAYSPRING  Apricot, red  Canada   I/E
 Definitive Cherish  White  Italy   I/E
 DEMONIC           Black, silver  Sweden S  
 Denali Poodles  Black, brown, white  Canada    
 DIAMOND AND PEARLS                     Black, white, silver  Czech Republic    
 DON GAUCHO  Black, white  Spain    
 DU CRISTAUX GLACÉES  White  Slovakia   I/E
 Du Royaume de Ma Galatee (no website)  Black, white  France    
 DUSTEMUL  Black  Norway S  
 Dutch Pearls  Apricot, red  The Netherlands    
 DYRSTAD                                                          Black, brown  Norway S  
 Ebony Èclat                                               Black  Slovakia    
 Elegant Poodles  Black, apricot, red  USA    
 EMBERIZA                                   White  Finland S  
 Emerei   Black, white   Russia     
 d´Eveline  Silver  Switzerland   I/E
 ENVISAN  White  Czech Republic    
 VON ESINGEN                                      White  Germany   I/E
 Fair Mates                           Black, white  Sweden S  
 Fauntleroy    The Netherlands   I/E
 FANTASTIC FEATURE´S POODLES       Black, white  Schwitzerland   I/E
 FIDEL                                     Black, brown  Norway S  
 FIRST IMPRESSION  Black  Belgium   I/E
 Flare Star JP  Apricot, red  Japan    
 Flasmyrens                        Black, white  Sweden S  
 Frihamras Kennel  Black, brown  Sweden S  
 Friesian's  White, silver, apricot  Germany    
 FROM DREAM OF HARLEKIN  Harlekin    Germany      
 FROM THE FALO WAY                                       Black  Belgium    
 Frost´N Flash            Black  Sweden S  
 FULL HOUSE BLUES  Apricot, silver  The Netherlands   I/E
 FUTURE CREATIONS  Black, white  Sweden S  
 Gemarsandipoedels         Black, white  The Netherlands   I/E
 Gesmay's  Black, white  Sweden S  
 GIULFO  Black  Italy    
 Goldstandart  Apricot, red  Russia    
 vom Grünen Fichtelgebirge  Black, white  Germany    
 Guldtackan´s                     Black, white, silver  Germany/Sweden S  
 VON DER HERBORDSBURG          Apricot  Germany   I/E
 Vom Grünen Fichtelgebirge  Black  Germany    
 Happy Chic  Black, white  Ukraine    
 Highview Standard Poodles  Silver, cream, white blue, black  USA    
 Hoyanta                                Black, silver, apricot  Denmark S  
 Huffish  Black, white  Sweden S  
 Hultagarden                         Black  Sweden S  
 Inkus                                   Black, brown, white  Sweden S  
 Ivanola   Apricot   United Kingdom     I/E
 Jacobus  Black  Poland   I/E
 JASENAK                              Black, brown, white  Serbia   I/E
 JAWAZZA                                Black, white  Sweden S I/E
 Jouet  Black, white  Denmark S  
 VOM JUNGHANSECK  Black  Germany    
 JUST RADIANT                   Black, white  Bulgaria   I/E
 Kandansk   Black, blue, cream   Canada     
 Kateisha   White   New Zealand    I/E
 KINGSFOREST  Black, white, standard  Norway S  
 KIRADA  White, silver, cream, blue  Australia   I/E
 Kingsdown Standard Poodles  Black, white  USA   I/E
 Kissena                       Black, brown, white  Ireland   I/E
 Klagstorpsgården  Red  Sweden S  
 KLIDNY DEN  White  Czech Republic    
 KOBWITLER  Black, white   Poland     
 Lady Black Queen  Black, white  Slovakia    
 Lammasens  Apricot, red  Sweden S  
 Lapponia´s  Black, white  Finland S  
 Lalit Mani Poodles             Black, white  The Netherlands   I/E
 Leggero Danzatori   Black, white, silver   Russia     
 Lolita's Magic Star   Black   Germany     
 Lovetea´s           Black, white  Sweden S  
 zum lustigen-Vagabond   Black, white   Germany     
 Magicalia           Black, white  Australia   I/E
 MAGICSTAR POODLES            Black, white  France   I/E
 Majsolens  Apricot, silver  Sweden S  
 MERMAID  Black, apricot  Poland    
 MERMARITTAN  Black, white, apricot  Finland S  
 Mistral Kennel  Black  Hungary   I/E
 MOLINEUX  Black  Norway S  
 MORELOWA RADOÆÆ   Apricot   Poland     
 Moroshka's                                Black, brown, white  Russia   I/E
 MURPHY´S  Black, brown  Liechtenstein     
 Mydeles                        Black, brown  Norway S  
 Nathalie´s Pride            White  The Netherlands   I/E
 NATURELLE  White, silver  Sweden S  
 Nesnah´s (no website)          Black, brown  Denmark S  
 NEVIS  White  Sweden S  
 NINIHILL´S  Black, white  Sweden S  
 No Angels              Black  Germany    
 NONTISCORDARDIME   Black   Poland    I/E
 Nord Forest   Black, white, apriot, silver   Russia     
 Of Oshinda's Pride  White  Belgium    
 OF ZORBI´S EMOTION  Black  Belgium    
 OMNE TRINUM PERFECTUM  Apricot, red  Poland    
 ONLY FOR YOU  Harlekin  Germany   I/E
 Ormar Poodles  Black, white  Canada    
 Pantone Poodles  Black, white  Australia    
 Paryura   White, red, silver  Estonia     
 Piccadilly's  Black, apricot  Switzerland    
 PinQerton Poodles   Black, white   The Netherlands    I/E
 Polosas                                  White  Sweden S  
 POMPANO  White, silver  Sweden S  
 PURE ART  Black, white  Sweden S  
 QUALITYLINE'S   Black, white  Finland  S  
 QUEEN OF DIAMONDS  Black  Czech Republic    
 QUEENTEAM                   Apricot, red  Norway S  
 QUELLE DER FREUDE   Brown   France     
 Quindim  Apricot, red  Brazil    
 Rayon d´Soleil   White, apricot   Germany    I/E
 Rejoice                                    Black, white  Sweden S  
 RODWICK´S  Black, white, silver  Sweden S  
 Rosebar Standard Poodles  Black, white  USA    
 Rozsahegyi  Black  Hungary    
 Sagan                              Black, white  Sweden S  
 SAMARCANDA                                Black, brown, white, silver  Italy   I/E
 SAMBA PA TI  Black  Germany    
 Sandust                                  Black, white  Sweden S  
 SARIANTE  White  GB   I/E
 Scarpebox                      Black, brown  Finland S  
 SCORDAR   Black   Poland     
 SERAPHIM STANDARD POODLES   Black, white   Canada    I/E
 SHAMAYIM STANDARD POODLES  Black, white, blue, silver  USA    
 SHAMEERA  Silver  Norway S  
 SHIKARAH                    Black, white  Spain   I/E
 Shellmoore                  Black, silver  Sweden S  
 Shertonah                    Black, apricot  Australia   I/E
 SIIDA´S BLACK          Black, silver  Finland S  
 von der Silbermöwe  Black and tan  Germany   I/E
 Sisterhood                         Apricot  Sweden S  
 Smart Connection            Black, apricot  Russia    
 Snatcher's  Black  Sweden S  
 SNOW´N´ICE          White, apricot  Norway S  
 Solrik   Black   Norway  S  
 SONYBOYS         Apricot  Sweden S  
 Soraya  White, silver  Sweden S  
 SPECIAL ATTRACTION  Black  The Netherlands   I/E
 SPLENDID  White  Thailand   I/E
 Standard   Brown   Germany     
 STARDESIGN   Silver, grey   Austria    I/E
 Starina  Black, blue, cream  Australia    
 Stellagrazia  Silver  Germany    
 vom Strahlenden Sternchen  White, silver  Germany   I/E
 VON DER HERBORDSBURG   Apricot, red   Germany    I/E
 von Seidenstein   Silver, grey   Switzerland     
 ZE STRIBRNYCH STRUH  Black  Czech Republic    
 SUPREME LINE  White  Russia    
 SZISZI  Black  Hungary    
 Tango Poodles  Black, white  Canada    
 Tassmania                            Black, white, apricot  Sweden S  
 Tezer Standard Poodles  Black, white      
 TOPCOPY´S  Silver/grey, white  Sweden S  
 Toy-Max                        White, silver  Sweden)    
 Transilvanian Hills         Black, white  The Netherlands   I/E
 Tussilull´s  Black, white  Sweden S  
 UL´ROCKS           Black, brown  Sweden S  
 Unno Jezve              Black, silver  Czech Republic   I/E
 Valerite (no website)  Silver  United Kingdom    
 VERY-MERRY  Black, apricot  Czech Republic    
 VESPERTINE   Black, white   Spain     
 Viking Line (no website)  Brown  Sweden S  
 Violet Standard Poodles  White, silver, blue, cream  Canada    
 VIVA FOREVER  White  Germany    
 Iz Volzhskaya Serenada          Apricot  Russia   I/E
 vom Bornumer Wald   White   Germany     
 VOM GOLD-TOPAS   Brown   Germany     
 vom Rümland   Brown   Germany     
 vom Wichenstein   Brown   Switzerland     
 Von der Margeritenwiese   Black, white   Austria 
 WHITE AND BLACK         Black, white  Czech Republic    
 OF WHITE VELVET DREAMS    Silver  Germany   I/E
 WINNOW  Black, apricot  Iceland S  
 WINTERDREAM´S  White  Germany    
 WinterGarden  Black, cream, blue  Canada    
 Wirothi   Black, white   Norway  S  
 Wolfnight´s                     Black, white, apricot    Finland S  
 WoolMark    Black, white   Italy     
 Working Star   Black, apricot   Hungary     
 ZANITA´S                    Black, white  Finland  S  
 z Èerného panství              Black  Czech Republic    
 Z Hlubockého Dvora  Black  Czech Republic    
 Ze Stríbrných Struh         Black  Czech Republic    
 zum lustigen Vagabund  Black, white  Germany   I/E
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