Tussilulls Bombastic Manhunter


Black standard male
Born: September 20th 2008

Kennel Tussilulls
Camilla Wikström and Yvonne Isaksson
Svarttorp Norrgård 1 560 28 Lekeryd, Sweden
Phone: 0046
(0) 36 81393 or 0046(0) 36 940 83
cia_wik hotmail.com
Website: http://tussiulls.tripod.com

Radmila Vorlickova, Czech Republic


Ankarus Superstitous 

Ankarus X-use-Me 

Dawin You Betcha 

Hallifax Feebe yo to Ankaru 

Ankaarus Bloody Tasteful 

Degana Cash Up Front 

Wynele Gifted and Black 

 Gesmays Love to Tussilull

Gesmays Tough Choice 

Tiopepi Tommys Choice 


Kateisha Love in a Mist 

Pinafore Passport 

Tiopepi Ice Maiden to Suraliam 

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