Yasmin Sedy vevoda

Black dwarf female
Born: January 22nd 2009
prcd-PRA: Normal - pat.lux: 0/0
"Jasminka is a wonderfool at work, expecially in agility: she is fast, easy to handle, enthusiastic, quick in learn, in age of three years she was a member of representation of Czech Republic in EO 2012 in Sweden and in qualification for the FCI Agility 2012 she was the fourth. She has friendly and lucky nature. She loves peoples, animals, the whole world. In her category SA she is one of the most fast dogs in Czech republic."
On the agility course:
And in the showring:

Jana Pliskova


Jana Sediva

 Pavlovova 61, 700 30  Ostrava-Jih, CZ

 Phone: 420720757195

 E-mail: jana.sediva@email.cz

 Website: http://www.agility-poodles.com/

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